Happy Birthday Wishes for Neighbor or Neighbour

February 07, 2017

A neighbor is neither only a person in need nor simply the person who lives next to you apartment or otherwise, more than that a neighbor is one who always stand for you anytime anywhere, one with whom you always share your secrets, your joys and sorrows. Wish you neighbor on his special day from your heart with the cleanest and most heartfelt intentions yet.

Here are some birthdays wishes you can pick and send to your neighbor/neighbour to ensure that he/she has a fantastic birthday with cherish memories.

  • Happy birthday to my great neighbor. I wish you bright as a star, sparkle as a diamond and shines as a sun on every single day of your life. May god bless you thousand years of life. Keep smiling!
  • Hope your special day become magical and fill with fun fullest just like you! Happy Birthday!
  • A very happy birthday to our friend and neighbor! It's a pleasure to have a neighbor cum friend like you. You become a part of our family member more than a neighbor!
  • To a very charming neighbor, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday! Meeting you is always a pleasure!
  • Happy Birthday dear neighbor, words won’t be enough to say my gratitude to you may God continue to strengthen you. Stay blessed.
  • I know I have only known you for long, but for as long as I have known you, I can tell you have a good soul with good intentions. Happy Birthday neighbor!!
  • Happy Birthday neighbor! May this special day mark the arrival of unlimited number of cherish memories in your life. May happiness never leave your side and may the shine never dry out from your eyes.
  • Happy birthday to world’s best neighbor…have a nice year ahead….
  • Happy birthday to my neighbor who now became my best friend…
  • Dear neighbor, although our houses are situated on different places however we stay in each other. Happy birthday…
  • Happy birthday my neighbor, hope you will invite us in today’s party.
  • Happy birthday to my neighbor cum best friend…you are the exaltation to stay here…
  •  We love your courtesy and etiquette…also would to stay till close my eye…have a great birthday!
  • To a very handsome and charming neighbor, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday! 
  • We wish you a very nice birthday party! Let’s meet there to celebrate…
  • It’s my goodness that you became my next door. I feel so comfortable in your presence. Wish you a nice birthday, my dearest neighbor…
  • You are not just my neighbor, my best friend too. I wish you great years ahead…Happy birthday!
  • I am so lucky because god gifted me a neighbor like you who always stay with us…Happy birthday dear…

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  1. really helpful messages. Thanks Message For Birthday :)