5 Amazing Ideas to Through First Birthday Party for Your Kid

  1. Party at home, planning to through party at home is very important you should have predetermined guest lists.  If guest list includes both parents and kids, you can prepare quick snacks like sandwiches and French fries with some muffins and chips.
  2. Mascots party, kids always like mascots you can also go for it. It is very cost effective and makes you stress free from the worries how to make kids engaged in your birthday party.
  3. Lawn party, if you are having a big lawn, it is good option for you to arrange birthday party. In lawn, make a small zone for kids to play freely there. Spread out the balloons all over the lawn, it amazes the eyes.
  4. Photography and video shooting are the classic ideas in all birthday parties. It plays a vital role to create your memories. Pre Plan for small things like a good quality camera, enough batteries and a handy-cam.
  5. Above all it is very important that your kid should take proper rest and you should be stress free before starting the party time. Finish all you preparation 1hour before the party going to start and take a deep breath it helps to make you stress free. Through the party and enjoy the party after all it’s your kid first birthday party…..

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