Celebrate Your Son’s First Birthday

First birthday of your son is always a very special day for every parents. This is the age even though your son won’t remember it. Still its very nice to do something very special for him. As the time passing on these all special things become cherish memories for yourselves and for him as well.

Few month earlier there was my son’s first birthday, like other parents we were also very excited to celebrate that day in a beautiful way. Lots of creative ideas came into our mind and getting us confused what we can do best for our small,sweet, little, innocent kid.

Firstly we’ve thought to organise a party with family and friends, soonly we dropped the idea because we found our son couldn’t enjoy it. Later we thought to went for day out with family but as there is a winter season and baby is so young its also not so good.

Finally, we had decided to through a small party at our home. We had invited all the kids living at our society they are all around 30 in count.

We buy the balloons and a chocolaty cake for my son along with a mask and a big cap. We also buy chocolates and pencil boxes as a return gift and prepared quick special dishes for all the kids.

Party began as soon as my son blew the candles, kids eaten and like cake, dishes and juices. We wrapped the party with hand over the gifts to the kids. My son enjoyed alot with other kids he played with them. Overall, we had a great day..!!

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