How to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook Status

Please click inside the status post box and the audience selector is at the bottom of the box, then type the message such as “thank you, everyone, for your lovely wishes”. Moreover, you can also select your desired privacy for the post.

PLEASE NOTE:  The privacy you set will stay in place for future posts until you change it.

Probably the best way would be to make the post on your Timeline that would also show in the News Feeds of your friends or you can thank all your friends who have posted on your timeline is to comment on each post.

Here is a list of amazing thank you messages for your friends who posted birthday wishes on your FACEBOOK timeline or wall:

  • Thank you dear for your wishes, it means a lot for me.  Your wishes are priceless and always make me feel so special.
  • Wishes come from the heart cannot buy from money. Thank you for your cute and sweet wishes on my birthday.
  • I climbed one more year in my life but your birthday wishes made this day more enjoyable. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I really appreciate the good wishes.
  • Everything will get an end or lost one day. But your birthday wishes will always stay in my heart. Thank you for your lovely and wonderful wishes.
  • In this stressful and rush life. You have spent your precious time to make me happy from your heartiest wishes on my birthday. Thank you, dear, to make my day.
  • I would like to say a massive thank you for all the birthday wishes and messages that I received today.
  • A huge thank you to everyone for inspiring birthday wishes and caring blessings…
  • I would like to thank everyone for your kind birthday wishes, messages, and calls.
  • I want to thank everyone who took the time to share a text, calls and Facebook messages to say Happy Birthday.

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