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Birthday Letter to Husband from Wife

Birthday Letter to My Husband

A Romantic Birthday Letter for Husband on His Birthday

Dear Husband,

Today is your day, on your special day I just don’t want to send you my heartiest wishes only but also want to cherish some golden memories of those days when we sit together and watching the sunset.

The day when we hold each other hand and sit silent without utter a single word to each other (silence speaks itself).  Also want to recall those moments, we always trying to find out some space for just two of us from our hectic and regular schedule life. Those were the wonderful moments and sweet memories for us, that I always keep and lock at the one corner of my heart (nobody can steal it).

I know that you love me a lot…don’t worry dear you are my soul mate, we are just two bodies but one soul and one soul lives together, sense together and hold together till eternity.

Last but not the least I want a return gift from your end that BE AS YOU ARE never ever change in any situation of your life. Because you are a man with unique personality, it makes you different between millions and millions crowd.

Now it a party time lets have blast together and enjoy this day to the fullest, may god bless you long and happiest life.

Your Loving Wife

Ever & Ever…