Birthday Letter for the Best Friend

Birthday Letter for the Best Friend
Birthday Letter for the Best Friend

This is an exclusive post to send a warm birthday wishes to your best friend by sharing your wonderful memories with him/her, wrapped them in the form of a letter. Letters are having their own charm while writing it to your loved ones. You can send this via personal emails or post on the Facebook wall.

A Letter to the Best Friend on His/Her Birthday to Post via WhatsApp, Facebook or a Personal Message/Email

Dear [Friend Name],

We met that was our destiny. You are so close to my heart. Today on your special day I am going to remind you of some of the beautiful moments which we had spent together and believed me that was the wonderful and quality of time in my life when there were fewer worries and more time for friends. I remember in our school time we always fought with others to sit on the window seat in the school van. Lots of the time you got punished by the teachers due to my naughty activities. How caring you were, doing my homework and assignments when I got ill. Bunked the classes and playing cricket with me in the school ground. Always be the backbencher from school to college life. Fortunately, we got admission in the same college.

Dear, we were much more naughty and horrible for lecturers in college more than the school. I remember in our hostel life how we were ragged by the seniors and later on we were ragged to our juniors but that was not harmed anyone and within the limits( legacy passed on).

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In college, we were always staying in the limelight due to our activities, oh God what are the days that were, hope we can live those days once again but the truth is time never came back just it can convert into beautiful memories.

I always remember one of the saddest days of my life when we depart from each other and going to start a new journey of our life. On that day, I was nervous to think about how I can spend life without you. Time passes on and we moved on in our lives and now we are too much busy and couldn’t manage enough time to talk to each other once in a week. But thank you dear for always there for me whenever I need your helping and caring hands in my life. That is the true connection and beauty of our relationship. Unconditional love and care for us. Hope our friendship remains the same ever after. I am sending you my heartiest wishes on your birthday. May your all dreams come true and you always touch the height in your career. Stay happy with your loving family and always remember me and keep me alive in your memories. Very happy birthday to my very special and loving friend.

Your Best Friend
[Your Name]