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Birthday Letter to Daughter

Birthday Letter to a Daughter

Daughters are most precious gift from heaven by God. It is said a daughter is born only in those houses which has God’s upper hand. Daughters grow very fast and with a blink of eyes are old enough to leave the house and live on their own. Many of you want to express your feelings but don’t know how to write a letter to your daughter. Below are few heart-felt letters you can use to send to your daughter and convey her how much you love her no matter how old she is and where she is.

Heart Touching Birthday Letter to Daughter from Dad

Hi My Sunshine,

I wish you a very happy birthday. You are my lil angel and will always remain that no matter how old you grow. On this day, I pray to God for all the happiness in this world to my baby girl.

You know I always love you most. You are that blessing bestowed upon us by God which we will cherish lifelong. When you were inside your mother’s womb, I always used to caress you from day 1 and our special bond was formed. I will never forget the day when I held you for first time in my arms, you were so tiny and most beautiful girl I have ever met. From that day you were queen of my heart and I am very proud of being your dad. You are beautiful, kind, responsible, sweet and funny girl. Until you were born baby, I was an aimless person wandering to find my life path but years back on today, I found my purpose – to be gentleman who will always protect girl’s dignity.

I often wonder how my princess grew up so quickly. It was only till yesterday that you were holding my pinkie finger tightly and learnt walking and now you are rocking the streets alone worldwide. A day comes in every father’s life when his beloved daughter grows up and ready to fly off in her own world. That day was one of the hardest in my life. I don’t know what will happen to my heart when you will marry and believe me, I am preparing it for the day you left home. Sorry, if I made you cry my princess by my emotions but I miss you darling. Thank you for bringing joy in my life.

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Always remember your father will stand by you in every decision you make because I have learnt to live again by your arrival. Be fearless and confident my lioness.

With blessings

Heart To Heart Letter to Daughter from Mom

Dearest Peanut,

Happy Birthday my love. Hope this year brings lots of joy in your life as much as it brought in my life years ago.

You know baby I was very scared on this day years ago on how we both will make through everything. But I am proud you made your way in this world wonderfully. I am very proud of how beautiful and kind girl you are becoming. You know you have inherited your daddy’s generous and kind heart but also his anger. Sweet girl, you are strong and brave. On this special day, I want to let you know this world is harsh and filled with selfish people. Baby, as you will grow you will encounter thousands of people – some fake, some genuine. However, it is you who needs to differentiate them and stay away from fake people. Some day you will encounter love. Sweetie, love is not gifts, affection or any romantic movie stuff. Love is sacrifice. Real love does exist and grab it comes your way just as me and your dad did. I as your mama will always be there to guide you and never get scared of sharing anything with me.

As a mother, I would say always remember few things and I know you will conquer the world. Be kind and generous just like your dad. Love deeply and let yourself be loved by true people. Trust your instincts. Always fight for what is right and never be afraid to take your stand. Baby you are smart, talented, and capable of doing anything you set your mind onto. Always look forward and keep moving. Never forget you are a treasure and a gift that we call our light of our world.

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With Love
Your Mama

A Letter to Daughter on Her Wedding Day

Dear Sweet Daughter,

Happy Birthday. My special day is now going to be your special day. You are going to be someone’s wife today and on this double celebration day, I pray to God to give all the happiness to my sweet angel.

Baby, I had never imagined that this day will come in my life. Believe it or not I always thought to keep my little princess with me forever. I cannot explain you how happy I was when I heard I was blessed with a baby girl. Today, I am happier that my daughter is grown up and now getting married. From your kindergarten days, I knew you were mature. I had hardly seen you throwing tantrums for your favourite things and I am really proud of you, my girl.

As you are going to make new relations from today, I am worry free as I know my daughter is capable of handling all situations without hurting anyone. Darling one advice I would like to give you is never stop chasing your dreams and pursuing your ambitions. If any hurdle comes in your way, face it bravely and I am here always for your help whenever you need me. Baby, love is a very pure and if you nurture it with your care, it is very beautiful emotion. You are deserving of purest of love and if you both hold on each other what may come your way, believe me you will overcome all difficulties.

I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy with your partner and may you give lots of grandchildren to me to play with.

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Lots of blessings my love

Your Daddy
Your Mama

Funny Letter to My Daughter

Hi My Butterfly,

Wishing you a very happy birthday cutie. I know you are busy spreading colours of joy today through your kindness but spare me few minutes my baby.

I remember you as a small, tender baby without diaper and as soon as nurse gave you in my arms, you know what you did? You pooped baby girl, on your daddy. I am boggled how you have achieved so much things in short span of life. I knew you are a butterfly but didn’t knew you will fly this fast. In this much span you have turned from a sweet giggly baby to a temperamental girl (just like me) and I fear if anyone ever messes with my girl what will be the outcome. Oh, my baby. You are priceless.

Never ever hate yourself baby. I am going to tell you a secret, “As you are now, once I was such. As I am now, once you will be such.” Believe me there are people out there who will judge you but believe in yourself butterfly because they are idiots and to hell with them. My princess will do what she wants and party the way she likes. Right? But don’t wear boxer shorts to the party like you do when you come home, it won’t look good baby. I am just telling you. I know you will say “Daddy/Mama you don’t have fashion sense”. I know baby I am old now but will always be you funny crime partner.

Love you, my buttercup.

Stay Weirdo,
Your daddy
Your mama