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Birthday Letter to Girlfriend

Birthday Letter for Girlfriend

Our collection of birthday letter assures that these birthday letter will surely excite your girlfriend more than a birthday messages on her birthday. We know how it feels to be a boyfriend and wishing with a beautiful letter adds an emotional touch to the birthday wish. Simply look for your favourite letter and send it to your girlfriend.

My choco pie,

Today’s a special day. I wish you a very happy birthday and may you look forward to this special day because it just adds a whole new meaning to the life as you turn a year older. On this special day, I want to share something that’s no less than my feeling. You make my life more awesome and worth living and I’m glad to have you. Let’s celebrate your birthday in the most special way. Happy birthday to you my dear girlfriend.

To the Queen of My Heart,

Many blessings and congratulations on your big day my dear love. I feel fortune to be together with you and able to start another year being an important part of your life. May this year be full of exciting adventures and lots of love. This day marks a special one so let’s enjoy even more than other day so that our love blossoms more and belong to us. Happy birthday my girl!

My lovely girlfriend,

Let’s thank God on giving you another year and giving us one more year to be together and enjoy every moment. This special day marks you being one year wiser. I love you so much and I thank you for another year of sharing your beautiful life with me and I ensure to be with you by your side to continue celebrating this and all the upcoming birthdays of your life.

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Short Birthday Letter for Girlfriend

My Love,

Wishing you a very happy birthday on your special day! I feel very proud to be your boyfriend because you’re a girl of sheer focus, strong will and a person who seeks achievements through smart work in life.

My Sweetheart,

Today is your special day, your birthday and I do not have any other words other than to tell you that I love you so much and you are the love of my life. I love living the life with you and appreciate every detail and things you look after. Happy birthday love!

My Rock Star,

Today, I would like to confess that every morning I wake up thinking just about you! As today is your special day, I thought about you a bit more thinking about what to buy a present for my girl. On a day like this, you were born I want to make it special and memorable so just sending this special letter with a wish that your life stays illuminated with colour all the wonderful things.

Long Happy Birthday Letter for Girlfriend

My Sweetie Pie,

I can’t image what you are up to right now but I am just thinking about you like always. As you have turned a year older, you’re looking more and more beautiful and got wiser too but your cuteness still remains with a child within. Just because of all this, I can’t stop myself falling deeper and deeper in love with you each passing day. I look forward to becoming your partner for life and diving deeper in your life my queen of hearts. Happy birthday my dear love.

My Lovely Princess,

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Witnessing this special day as your turn a year older brings so much joy to my heart. Being with you for so long, I have known that you are a beautiful soul with a pure heart, a boyfriend could ever have in life. As your turn a day older, may you get closer to fulfilment of your desires and accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself. I pray to God that may he fulfils your every wish. You’re my princess and you are the only girl in my life whom I adore and love beyond anything. On this special day of yours, let’s make it best by celebrating your birthday in the most memorable way, having fund and enjoy the beginning of the year. Happy birthday to you. Lot of love from the deepest part of my heart.

My Dear Sunshine,

I knew that somewhere in this world I will meet my other half but I didn’t knew that I will meet on a special day and too on the birthday. This is my favourite day of the year as this is the day when you had smiled upon me for the first time. It is the day when it drizzled, had sunshine and the flowers blossom. I know that sound poetic but I could do this for hours about how everything on this planet adds to celebrate your birth. So on behalf of this world and especially from your lover, wishing you a very happy birthday. May you keep smiling for the rest of the year!

Birthday Letter for Girlfriend Long Distance

My Dear Sweetheart,

The day you moved to other city for work, since that day it had been a tough for me but one thing has not lessen is the love we share. I’m proud that you’re growing, pursuing your dreams and making progress and one thing I assure is that I will always stand by your side as your man. Let me tell you a secret, I too looking for work in that city and can’t wait to live in the same city with you again and celebrate this special birthday together. I wish you the best in the new year and wishing you a very happy birthday. I love you, enjoy your day!

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To My Sweetest Darling,

We may be far from each other, but our hearts are together and that keeps us alive in the bond we share. Even if you leave and move to other continent, I’ll still know that I will follow you to be together. Today is the day for the special girl whose birthday is worth celebrating. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy every moment. I love you and miss you darling.

Hey Baby girl,

Every day I think about you and you always are on my mind, and that’s how I know that you are always with me. Whenever I am down all I do is think of you and I’ll feel your presence with me. I miss your physical presence but I know you are always with me. Today is your special day and wishing you a happy birthday, wishing you more joy, peace, more love, and wealth with good health. May you keep influencing and inspiring everyone in life. Always remember that you’re the most amazing person I have ever met and I’ll never give you up for anything. I love you so much, baby. Take care always.