Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes & Status for Ex-Girlfriend (GF)

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

You may be the X Men now and for you she an X Girlfriend. No matter how time heals the beloved girl still remain in the memories and somewhere in the heart. It paradoxical that the thorns are there with the roses – if you miss the flower the thorns get you. This post is dedicated to those guys who still love their ex-girlfriend and remember those time spend together in the past. We can’t bring back your past but we still can try to make your hidden feeling converted into words by our messages and love quotes. Let the X Man in you arise to this occasion to wish you Ex-women a beautiful happy birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

I still remember that first time I saw you at the college. Oh my gosh, you look so pretty – love at first sight as they say. The good time between passed like seconds and the day we waved the last goodbye has been hard to believe it gone. Our paths may have changed but not our feelings. I take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday.

They say day and night never meet – except for some moments in the twilight. Such has been the love between us. Nevertheless, I have not stopped loving you – still you are my young girlfriend. Happy birthday Girl.

You have a special place in my heart. We can’t be lovers anymore but we can be friends with a different flavor. Wish you a lovely Happy Birthday my exciting ex-girl.

Best Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend
Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Our relationship may have ended and the memories lay in the photos/cd/mobile etc. However, even when I still see you that first love waves emerge to the ocean of my heart. Thank you for all you gave me. Love you – enjoy your birthday.

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When I watch back my mistakes in the past – I regret and feel sorrowful for what I had done to you. It was my fault and I have learned a lesson. Wish I had a time machine to go back and revert what was done and constructing the empire of our love again. However, I know such fantasies are just in movies or dreams. Hence, I wish you from the depth of my heart a blissful birthday my ex-beloved girl.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

People say EX-girlfriend. But for me, you are like an ever-flowing river undercurrent running in my heart. We may not be together in time and space – but somewhere inside we are connected. I wish you a lovely birthday sweetheart. Love u muuha…. 🙂

They say seven plays an important part in life – seven are the seas, 7 the deep oceans in this world so seven are the chakras in the body and your birthday is on 7th of July the seventh month of the year. You are like the 7th wonder for me. Wish this 7th birthday after we felt apart brings you luck and happiness.