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Birthday Wishes Reply to Daughter

Birthday Wishes Reply to Daughter

Every parent gets very touched while receiving a loving and warm birthday wishes from their daughter. Now it’s parents turn to send their blessings and love to their kid. Here we are presenting a list of warm, emotional, and heartfelt thank you messages specially composed for your loving daughter. You can post these thank you messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any other social media platform or can send her personally on email or SMS on phone.

Thank you for so much for your loving and heart touching to my little angel. You are everything for me I always bring best for you and that’s my promise to you.

I am the luckiest father in this world who have such a caring daughter like you. When you shouted on me I feel you are my mother, not my daughter. Thank you so much dear for your heartiest wishes.

Thank you for all your wishes to the princess of my heart, you are always ruling on our hearts and lives. I haven’t expected this huge surprise from you. It is the best gift for me, I always keep it in my heart.

Today or tomorrow we always stay together and happy ever. Thank you so very much for all your cute and innocent words that are directly coming from your heart. Your wishes mean a lot for me. I hope I will continue receiving these messages.

Though you are my only kid, still I will always be very strict with you just to make you learn all our family morals and ethics. You also followed everything very obediently. Thank you so very much for all your wishes, it shows you gentle and generous personality.

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Birthday brings lots of blessings, wishes, and surprises for everyone’s life as so for me also. But the best part of my birthday is I have received a wonderful handmade greeting from you during this high-class technology time. Thank you so much, my sweetheart.my angel, for all your efforts that you have done to make my day so special.

Is usual and common that all parents can take care of their children and celebrate their birthdays. I feel very special and blessed to have a daughter like you, who does not only celebrate my special day but also collect all the beautiful things for me as you can to make my every birthday memorable. Thankyou is small in front of what you did for me still accept it.

I am so blessed to have you as my daughter, may God give me you in my every reincarnation. I feel so proud when people know me as your father. Thank you for your loving wishes I always save them in the deep of my heart.

Dear my eyes filled with tears of happiness when I received and saw a special video on my birthday as a special gift from you. It recalled all my memories, all the happiest moments that I have spent with you. Thank you for the lovely gift to my sweet and lovely daughter.

When I see the collage which you created, I fond of it. That is the beautiful collection of very old and new memories that I always want to be framed. Thank you to the world’s best daughter who understands her parents very well and taking very good care of us. I love you so much.