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Narendra Modi Ji (Prime Minister) Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Status

Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

This post is dedicated to wish and show our gratitude towards one of the most powerful, adorable and prestigious man how makes our country so proud and stand us among the rapidly new emerging power is almost all the fields and areas from the moon to earth we are one of the fastest-growing nation around the world.

It only could be possible just because of one person his name is MR. NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI, he was born on 17th September 1950. Let’s celebrate his 70th birthday together by sending him our special words and blessings to him.  Presenting a rich range of wishes here you can pick and send your words to your admirable and loving PM at Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Narendra Modi Ji (Honorable Prime Minister of India) on his 71th Birthday

Happy birthday Modi ji, during this critical time you have shown your outstanding decision making power to protect the nation from this pandemic disease. You have given so much courage to people time to time when we lost and quit to fight from COVID. You are the motivation for us to keep fighting spirit. Thank you so very much. Happy birthday Namo. 

 We are so blessed and find lucky to ourselves that we have a Prime Minister like you. Whatever you are doing is always for the welfare of the nation. Happy birthday Modi ji, you are the best Prime Minister. 

Your speaking out loud and always standing up for truth and right makes you different from everyone else. Happy birthday to the strongest Prime Minister of our country. God bless you Modiji may God always keep you safe, healthy and happy. 

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In the age of 71, you still fit and full of energy and joy like 25. You are an inspiration to us and a role model of millions life, you taught us what is the true meaning of life, dreams and sacrifice. Happy birthday Modiji.

Wish you a very happy and healthy 71st birthday Modiji, may this year brings new achievement stories for you and you set another thousands of benchmarks for the youth of our country. Thank you for all the things that you have done for us.

From demonetization to Rafal deal you have taken lots of remarkable decisions during your tenure. We wish you our PM till eternity, go and do the new things for the welfare of the country our love and support is always with you. Happy birthday to our honorable Modi ji.

Whether Ram Mandir in Ayodhya or dismissal of section 370 from Kashmir both tasks couldn’t imagine to be accomplished without your presence your strong determination, courage and will power made the impossible things possible, you are the pride of our country. We salute you #Namonaman. Happy birthday to country favorite Modi ji.

New study techniques raise the new revolution in the country, we appreciate you for your innovative and dynamic approaches to raise the next generation of country for their bright future for the betterment of an education. It can be you only who is thinking about the people of the country in your every breath we respect you so much. Have a happiest birthday Modi ji.

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During the period of this pandemic disease(corona virus) you are standing beside every people of the country, you helped us morally and financially in both the way. Your right steps at the right time save lots of the lives in our country. Thank you Modi ji for your sustained efforts to overcome from this pandemic situation. Happy birthday to the best Prime Minister ever of our country Modi ji.

The entire world have seen the power of a strong and courageous Prime Minister in the history of Indian politics, no one has came like you in the past nor expected in future you are the only one and the best. May God bless you good health and lots of stamina to give your more and more contribution to move India from developing to developed country. Happy birthday Modi ji.

Our honorable PM wish you a very happy birthday, we feel so proud and blessed to have a PM like you who can think for all of the citizens of the country without any discrimination.

Happy birthday to our loving PM, you are the icon of the nation. We desperately wait to hear your insightful ideas and motivational thoughts every month.  The way you are interacting with the citizen of the country is simply great.

Sir, we salute your dedication and devotion to the people of the country. We salute for your odyssey at this age for the welfare of the country. Happy birthday to the most energetic PM I have ever seen.

Lots of the time your tough decisions made you culprit but you always stay with your decisions and commitment because you knew whatever you are doing is good for the country. Today’s rising India is an excellent result of your hard decisions. We are always with you. Happy birthday to the toughest and self-disciplined PM.

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Happy birthday to our respectable PM, you have instilled a desire in every citizen that he/she can do a lot in his/her life. You are the motivation of young India and the role model of every ordinary person.

The dream of touching the moon could never be fulfilled if you were not with us. Your encouragement is with us, let’s move forward, victory is sure. Happy birthday, to the person who is having positive thinking and pure soul, a person who is always dedicated towards his country and people of the country!

Happy birthday to the master of the innovative ideas and famous for his master strokes!

Happy birthday to the soul of the nation, we are very thankful to you for the recreation of India. We lost ourselves anywhere in the deep of darkness, you pull us out from it and realize us to live in the open air.

Happy birthday to our favorite PM, I wish you will our only PM for the next 100 years. We believe that you are the only one who can take us from developing to a developed country.  The one who always behind with us in any disaster.

Happy birthday to the simple living and high thinking person. We are incomplete without your presence in Indian democracy.  We are becoming stronger and stronger in your leadership. Happy birthday once again to determine PM on the nation.