Happy 45th Birthday Wishes

Happy 45th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are happiest days in one’s life no matter how old they grow. It is very special moment and no one likes it that their closed people forgot their birthday. Turning 45 means people starts speaking less and listening more. They become mature and don’t entertain any unwanted stress as they themselves are surrounded by lots of problems and expectations. So, on your love one’s birthday, lighten their mood by adding drops of wittiness in their day with amazing birthday wishes curated for 45-year-old. Select from a range of birthday wishes for 45-year-old son, daughter, brother or any of your male or female friends. Spread the cheer with your sweet, funny and sincere birthday messages and a tasty cake.

Birthday Wishes for 45-Year-Old Son/Man/Brother/Male Friend

Congratulations on your 45th birthday. May you be blessed 45th times with love, happiness and wealth. You have always been patience with handling things and hope you still keep your calm in every circumstances.

You have never stopped leaving me amazed by your commitments from childhood and at 45 years, you are still same. I am very proud of how wonderfully you have turned to a man. Happy birthday my son, may you always keep smiling.

As you are turning 45, may your face always be blessed with smile and shine. Son, you deserve everything you got till now and may 45th year make you feel good about everything you have achieved.

Happy 45th Birthday! I am so happy universe crossed our paths and we became best friends. If anyone has friends like you, they don’t need any support in life. You always had my back and today on your birthday, I want to say I am always there for you like a stone.

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Cheers to you on celebrating your 45th birthday. I am beyond grateful that a very special person came to this world and is an important part of my life. I hope your day is spend as amazing as you are and may you receive abundance of love today.

Touching Birthday Wishes for 45-Year-Old Daughter/Woman/Sister/Female Friend

I am so proud that you are building a meaningful and beautiful life of yourself even at this age. May you have a blissful life ahead full of fun and frolic. Happy 45th birthday to my favourite daughter.

 Happy 45th birthday my dear friend. Let the mistakes of past be walk out of your life leaving only joyful moments. You are like sun, who never dims and, on your birthday, I wish you abundance of happiness.

A card cannot do justice to the feelings that I have for you in my heart. Happy 45th birthday my dear wife who is caring, beautiful and most loving person I have ever met. I gave you my heart and will be yours till I am alive.

As sun rises on your 45th birthday, I wish you thrive beyond horizon and may your coming future be full of happiness, joy and love. Wishing you a very prosperous and bright days in coming year.

Happy 45th birthday daughter. In forties, you have strength you need, your heart knows how to love and your experience matters the most. May this birthday you soar in the sky like a dove and may you get all happiness.

Hilarious Birthday Wishes for 45-Year-Old Man and Woman

Hey dude, welcome to forties gang. I know mid-life crisis are difficult to handle and if you have a friend like me, it becomes impossible. But don’t worry today I have only brought you lots of love and wine to celebrate rather than problems. Happy 45th birthday my buddy.

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Happy 45th birthday my darling girl. I know you would have already played prank on someone you know on your birthday but now you must grow up as I will not save a 45th year old woman now. Though don’t forget to invite me for party today.

I know why we are best friends – because we have same sort of enemies since childhood. Wishing my partner in crime a happy 45th birthday. Now we should mend our ways otherwise our children would think what crazy fathers they have got.

Today, rather than counting candles on your cake and worrying on it, try to thank friends like me who remembered your 45th birthday. Hope you have brought return gifts for us for today’s party. Can’t wait to see my wine glass today. Hey, happy birthday.

My heartfelt greetings to the witch of my life, my best friend on her 45th birthday. Hope you have devised new plans to suck my blood with your antics. May God bless you with lots of clumsiness and wittiness to entertain us forever. Happy birthday dear!

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