Happy Birthday Shraddha Kapoor – 2019 (3rd March)

Image Source: wikimedia.org

Dear Shraddha,

Happy birthday to you, On the occasion of your birthday I am not only sending you my heart through wishes, but also sharing some words with you. Hope you accept my feelings from the heart.

Dear, you really do work so hard to achieve the place where you are now, I wish you can go higher and higher. You were very impressive in all your movies. A strong presentation of your work always encourages me to go for next move on Friday. Keep serve us a masterpiece of your work like you doing always.

I wish you have an endless smile on your face, it makes you more beautiful and graceful.

I pray for your happiness, you have a great time today. Hope we can meet someday then I can tell you much I like and admire you. You are a sweet innocent doll for me. Thousands of stars start shining in the sky when you smile. You simply a heartbeat of the youth.

You live thousands of years and years of ten thousand days. God bless you, dear, have a blast.

Wish you a very very happy birthday and prosperous thousands and thousands year.

Best Wishes,
Your True Fan

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