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Self Birthday Captions for Instagram

Self-Birthday Captions for Instagram

Picking and sending over the birthday wishes or keeping captions on Instagram for someone you love, your friend or family member is normal and easy to deal with, however, thinking about a caption for yourself to keep on Instagram is quite of a challenge. Well! Not anymore! We have compiled the best collection of self-birthday captions for Instagram. We bet you can find the best caption to put on your Instagram post or story so that everyone can see and you in return get tons of birthday wishes.

Birthday Caption for Self

Birthday Caption for Self
  • It’s the year where my dreams come true! It is my XXth birthday!
  • It is number XX, keep calm and keep rocking
  • Keep calm and party hard! The best has gone and the better is coming this year!
  • Simply, happy birthday to me! Thank you!
  • Just like an old wine, I am getting vintage too! Happy birthday to me!
  • Happy birthday to the world’s greatest! It’s me!
  • Let’s party, it’s my birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the one and only, ME! Happy birthday!
  • Every day is the gift! So I am gonna make the most out of it.
  • A very happy birthday only to me. I’m going to have fun tonight!
  • Oh! Blessed to see one more year. Happy birthday to me!
  • It’s time to celebrate, it is my birthday!
  • Blessed to have a smile because of my birthday today!
  • Going ahead with the idea of celebrating my birthday at [VENUE].

20th Birthday Caption for Yourself

  • Blessed to see the 20th birthday! Stay Strong!
  • 20! This guy just want to have fun on the birthday!
  • I am who I am today. It takes a lot of efforts to make what you are! Happy birthday!
  • Vibin hard on my 20th birthday. Let’s rock!
  • Eat cake and raise the toast. Today a legend was born and still going strong!
  • It’s the 20s, my guy gang is waiting for me to turn 20. It’s gonna be a rough birthday!
  • Splendid weather, its awesome today cuz it is my birthday!
  • I grew 20 today but I still have that little child in me! Happy birthday to me!
  • Thanks to Instagram, you just reminded me that it is my 20th birthday!
  • Reaching 20 was a piece of cake, but seems not anymore! Happy birthday!
  • I reached 20th and today I am on energy saving mode so don’t ask for party or treat!
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Late Birthday Post Caption for Instagram for Myself

  • Just forgot to drop the birthday post! Happy birthday to me! #latepost
  • Still partying hard on my birthday! Late birthday post for my Insta family. Thanks for wishes.
  • Like a fine wine, I got the best gift ever on my birthday!
  • It was my birthday and just forgot to wish myself. Happy birthday to me. Just another late post.
  • Still in the party mode but posting a late one on my Instagram wall.
  • There is still some birthday cake left, just like a late post left while celebrating my birthday!
  • Late post is the new trend. Posting the late update of my birthday! Thanks everyone for joining!
  • Oh sorry! Forgot to post! A quick late post of the birthday celebrations. Hope ya’all like it.
  • Just a late post of my birthday to feel my birthday lasted long.
  • Hey, just a late post? Not really, a fresh post as a beginning of my new year. Happy birthday to me!

Funny Birthday Captions for Yourself

Funny Birthday Captions for Yourself
  • Dance, drink, repeat. It is my birthday! Happy birthday!
  • Just got a wrinkle, oh my god I just turned a year older. Happy birthday!
  • Forget about the gym, forget about the calories, they don’t count today! It is my birthday!
  • Woke up a little older today! Oh it’s my birthday! Love you all!
  • Never been XX older, so I thought let’s just try turning XX today!
  • Phew! I have grown a year older. Wish I could freeze the time now!
  • I have turned 18 and I can find 18 reasons to party hard tonight!
  • Every year on this day, I promise myself to start fresh but I refresh everything!
  • Hey everyone, I’m 21 until further notice. Stay safe!
  • They say keep calm! But I can’t keep calm after all it is my birthday!
  • Is that the birthday cake? Oh gosh! That’s my cake.
  • This is to broadcast, please skip all the formalities and bring gifts in evening!
  • It’s my birthday and here is the top 3 things I’m gonna do today – party, party, party!
  • Here is my birthday resolutions – party, sleep, repeat. Happy birthday to me!
  • Let’s party hard, repeat and get lost as it is my birthday!
  • I think this is the time! Let’s drink and dance on the floor on the birthday tunes! Wishing I have the best gifts ever. Please don’t come empty handed after all it is my 17th birthday!