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Happy Birthday Devar Ji Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status

Birthday Wishes for Devar

This post is for one of your very delicate yet strong relationships in your life. After marriage when a lady goes to inlaws house she is in search of someone who’s just like her brother with whom she can share all the things, someone who can give her care and support when she is new at home that relation is called Devarji, send some special and wonderful wishes to him and tell me the importance of his presence in your life. You can send birthday wishes to him via any social media platform or via personal e-mail and messages. So, pick, send, and make him surprise yet happy to on his special day.

Emotional and Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Devar Ji to Send Via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or a Personal Message

My dear Devarji, you are more than my real brother at inlaw’s house. Wish you a very happy birthday. No-one can be like you thank you for your unconditional support and motivate me where I lose my confidence.

Happy birthday to my handsome and talented Devarji, you are having mastery in cooking I remember my first day at home and I don’t know how to prepare sweet for everyone, it was you who made me learned to prepare sweet dish. Thank you so much to save my life, my day. Have a joyful day.

Dear Devarji, though you are younger than me but in the matter of understanding and maturity, I am far away from you. I shock to see you how you are handling critical situations with ease and calm. How you are living so comfortable and free from worries. I am always trying to learn this art from you. Happy birthday to of our family.

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Birthday comes once in a year, but you are never celebrating your special day, I like the philosophy of your life that every day is an ordinary day it’s upto to make it special or worse by doing your activities in an entire day. Still we will bring and cut your birthday cake. Happy birthday to my too much serious devarji.

Birthday comes with new energy and new hopes to do something new in another fresh year of our life. In this year, may your all dreams come true, may your all pending work get accomplished. Happy birthday to my favorite Devarji.

Happy birthday dear Devarji, with the blessings of God we have a large family among all of the family members you are unique and have an amazing charm in your personality. People get easily attracts to you, keep spreading the beauty of your nature and mesmerize others.

Though you are the younger brother of my husband but for me, you are my elder brother my mentor who never pampered, who pushed me to fulfill my all desires what I want from my life, who make me learn how to laugh in life. Thank you Devarji for everything have joyful and meaning another year of your life. Stay safe and healthy.

Happy birthday my dear Devarji, enjoy this birthday like the happiest one. My husband has always having concern of your health and career for him you always be a cute younger brother. Do take very good care of yourself and enjoy your special day till the next day morning. Have the happiest one.

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Happy birthday to my dear Devarji we all know that you are a very shy and less talkative person, thank you for giving me a sweet Devarani, now I can at least talk and share all my joys and sorrows or I can pass any message to you through her.

Dear Devarji your birthday is an occasion that we all family members celebrate this like a festival because you are the youngest member in our family and we all consider you a small little baby boy. A very very happy birthday to you, hope you like all the gifts that your brother and me has selected each one personally and especially for you.