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Birthday Wishes Reply to Husband

Birthday Wishes Reply to Husband

Husband has a special space in the heart and life of a wife. It is the most sacred relationship when two bodies are embedded in one soul, one thought. Life becomes easy when two wheels (Husband and Wife) of the cart drive the cart of life together. When your husband wishes you on your birthday, he deserves an equally romantic and lovely reply that makes your love stronger and deeper. For a spouse, his man is her whole world and when this gentleman greets on her birthday, we know how your heart eager and mind full of thoughts on birthday wishes reply you would think of replying back. We have made this simple for wives who is thinking like How should I reply to my Hubby especially when it is your first birthday wish after your marriage.

Here are some of the best quotes in reply to birthday wishes from your husband. You can send this reply in fantastic ways or medium viz. digitally via Facebook, WhatsApp or direct Instagram messages if your darling lives far ways or is on a business trip. You may also share this as a secret message on personal mobile via SMS/MMS or a greeting card. So without wasting much time lets begin with below beautiful wishes reply to the husband.

Thank You Birthday Wishes Messages to Husband for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Darling you have been the inspiration and center of my life who have always fulfilled my smallest wishes ever made. Thank you so much for wishing me on my birthday. Sweetheart, I miss you so much when you are far away on this business tour. Hope you come back soon – I have some secrets to share with you.

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Baby my words fall short to express my feeling in reply to my birthday wishes. You are the best husband in the world – a man that every woman dreams of. Thank you my dearest for this romantic wishes Muuha.

Words I guess will not be enough today when my hubby has wished on my birthday. Hence I am sending these flying kisses and tightest hugs to my man. Love you darling.

From the meadows to the shadows you are the one I seek in the silence of the night and in the colors of the rainbow after that rainy day. Beloved husband thank you for greeting on my birthday with this message full of love and affection.

There are so many feelings in my little heart that I have saved for this day to share with you my dearest husband. “Thank you” are just two words, but it carries my emotions. It’s like a drop of water that hides Whole Ocean into it. LOVE YOU a LOT.

Hey handsome hubby, I didn’t know you have such romance still left in you after all this year of our marriage. 

God has gifted me the most precious thing in my life – it’s you darling my loving husband. You have protected me in all the odds and stayed like a strong pillar in mid of the thundering storms. Thank you so much for writing this short poem full of love and affection.

My birthday without your message would have been like a cake without sweetener. You are my inner strength that keeps me going. Thank you baby for making my day.

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I am the luckiest spouse in the world to have such an admiring husband. If there were to replace a hug with a Thank you for your wishes on my birthday then I will send 1000 hugs and 100000 complimentary kisses. You have made me gone crazy with this message baby.

My dear husband, I am so thankful that in spite of all our quarrels and differences on many occasions that have gone to the extent of breaking our marriage. Though it’s all because of your patience that has never left me. And my eyes are full of tears and hear full of sorry. Thank you for wising your nagging wife on her birthday.