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Happy Birthday Soldier Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status

Happy Birthday Soldier

Soldiers are the real warriors they protect and save us as well as the country from the enemies in the world. They do their duties all day all night without any condition because of them we can live happily with our family, we can stay in our city, our home without any fear. Army Soldiers can be the father, brother, son, husband, or any other relation of someone. Let’s send them a genuine and heartfelt birthday wishes on his special day and make them feel that though they are on the border or on the high hills we always love them and care for them. Here, are the wishes that you can send them via any social media platform or send them through personal emails.

Birthday Wishes for Soldier to Send Via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or a Personal Message

Happy birthday soldier, I am proud that you are my father whose not only protects his family but also protects the entire country from the enemies. I am eagerly waiting for you to come as soon as there is some relaxation on the border.

Happy birthday my dear son, I was very upset and nervous when you took the decision to join the army and devoted your entire life for the welfare of the country. But today I am feeling so proud when people call me with respect, the father of a brave soldier.

Dear Soldiers your determination, dedication, and devotion towards your duty deserves thousands of salutes, we civilian can live happily entire life, can celebrate every festival with our family is possible just because of your sacrifices. Thank you so much to protect us from all dangers wish you a very happy and safe birthday.

Soldiers are the pride of the nation, Countries are incomplete without soldiers. I am so proud of you because in the difficult time of nation you have given your 1000% towards your duty, without any contact with family and friends number of months you were worked 24*7 without any demand and complaints. Happy birthday to the respected soldier.

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It’s so honored to be the part of Indian army, having Ashok chakra on head and uniform on body gives and filled an unknown unseen energy and power inside the person. The passion of an army person is incredible. Happy birthday to the son of the nation.

It is very difficult to survive in water, and only water around us but the navy officer can do the same. Our huge salute to navy officers who live in water only for number of months to sake of civilians life safety. Happy birthday to my bestie and the navy officer too.

Wars between the nation’s destroy everything, thousands of sacrifice their lives, stop the growth of the country, during this hard time military offices and soldiers like you are always stand in front of all the devil’s to save us. Thank you for all your determination and sacrifices, happy birthday dear, hope next year you can celebrate your birthday with family and friends.

Happy birthday to my brave fighter who stands for the people of the nation, lives his life every hard, mile far away from the family during festivals or any celebration time. I salute you to your unwavering commitment to your duties. Stay safe, healthy and happy on your special day.

When we stay safe at home, eating good food, enjoying with the family. You are fighting on the border with the enemies, terrorist and dynamiters of the country. Thank you for giving us the freedom to live our life without any fear. Happy birthday to my brave soldier, God bless you a long and happy life.

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There is one in millions who has devoted his whole life for the country only, for them country pride first and else later, for them happiness is good for the nation only. Happy birthday to that warrior a true patriot and a great soldier. Hope you have a good one.