Thank You Message on Behalf of My Daughter Birthday Wishes


After getting warm and lovely birthday wishes on the occasion of your little angel’s birthday, you are also excited to send some impressive and affectionate words to reply to those lovely wishes on behalf of your cute little daughter. For that, you are puzzled in search of your favorite matching words that exactly show your gratitude to families and friends. To resolve your problem and reduce your worries here we are presenting a list of replies of thank you messages that you can pick and send to your friends and family and express your warm and great feelings to them. You can send these thank you messages via any social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter or you can share it directly through personal email and messages.

Heart Touching Thank You Messages for Friends and Family

Thank you to all my kind and great friends and families, my little princess birthday celebration couldn’t complete without your wishes and blessings. Though you couldn’t manage time to join us in this celebration, your virtual presence made it awesome. We hope our angel will remember and cherish this memorable day while watching this video when she matures in the future.

Dear uncle and aunty, you both are very special to me. Thank you for all your love and affection, your wishes are like God’s blessings to me on behalf of my little daughter. My charming doll will remember your blessings when she becomes young.

Thank you to all my friends, your wishes and blessings are the most precious gift for my daughter, currently, she is too small but I am sure she always gives the importance to all your blessings when she will be matured. Thank you so much for your well wishes on behalf of my daughter.

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Thank you to all my family members for your surprises and well wishes for my sweet little baby girl, though she is too young to understand the thing still she can feel the affection that she has received from you all. My baby says a big thanks to all of you for being a very nice and fun-loving family to her.

A heartily thank you to each and every member of my family and friends who sends their wishes for my angel and done prayers for her. We are grateful for your endless love and affection that you all have showered on my daughter, she shows her happiness by sending a cute and sweet smile to all of you. Thank you for all your birthday wishes.

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family for your emotional birthday wishes to my daughter on her special 1st birthday. Today I feel so touched to know how much you all people love and care for my beautiful baby. I can’t express my gratitude in words for all of you just to say that my eyes are filled with tears and shining with happiness while received your lovely and joyful wishes.

Shower of your blessing and prayers are the protection shield for my daughter, nothing is more valuable than your blessings for my daughter. Thank you to all to manage your schedule and give some memorable moments to my daughter on her birthday. She really enjoyed your presence around her and look so happy when you all are there with her. Thank you everyone for making my daughter’s birthday so excited and happy from your presence and wishes.

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Thank you for all your blessings to my grandparents, I am so lucky to get a chance to play in the lap both my grandmother and my nanimaa, your presence in my life is the blessing of God it means a lot to me. I am so fortunate to get love, care, and affection from both of you. Thank you for my birthday blessings. On behalf of your granddaughter, she loves both of you very much.

My beautiful princess is saying a huge and warm thank you to all family members, though she is too young and innocent but still she can respond in words, I am surprisingly looked at her when I wrote your wishes and wonder she has given a response on each and every wish which she received from all of you. She speaks some small word in her own language I am sure the meaning of that word is thank you then after she has given a cute smile, thanks to all of you on behalf of my daughter.

I can’t expect hundreds of wishes to receive from my family on the occasion of my little daughter’s birthday, I believe she is famous like a rock star in the family. Thank you all of you for your blissful wishes to my daughter on her special day. A big round of applause to all of you for your affectionate wishes and beautiful prayers for my daughter.