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Happy 90th Birthday Wishes

Happy 90th Birthday

Looking to express the feelings in the best way on the 90th birthday of the loved one among your family and friend?  Here we have compiled the best birthday messages and wishes to make this incredible mark the most memorable moment in life. Our messages depict the accomplishments, experience and heights they have achieved in life while reaching this absolute milestone of the 90th.

Happy 90th Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status

Happy birthday to an amazing 90 year old person who is known for the reforms brought in the world. Stay healthy!

90 years is a big milestone and you deserve a special birthday cake and special birthday celebrations. Happy birthday [NAME].

[NAME], May your 90th birthday be fun-filled, memorable and rejoicing. Wishing you a very happy birthday and lots of blessings with wonderful memories in coming years.

[NAME], you mean so much to each of us who have gathered here to celebrate your 90th birthday. Wishing you good health and happiness. Happy 90th birthday!

Cheers! Wishing you a very happy and healthy 90th birthday. May you day be as much special as you are to all of us.

[NAME] you are the most important person in my life and wishing the most important person a very happy 90th birthday. You are special.

Turning 90 is an extraordinary mark. Salute to you and the energy you have even at the age of 90. Happy birthday [NAME]. Stay healthy and happy ever!

[NAME], your ageless spirit, young heart and charming face is something to be reckoned. May you celebrate your birthday with strength and happiness. Happy 90th!

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90 is a milestone that calls for celebration. Let’s raise a toast for achieving this absolutely amazing mark. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday!

I’m lucky to have someone as special as you in my life. On your 90th birthday, may almighty bless you with love, health and happiness in abundance.

90th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Wishing the rocking and dashing birthday to the 90 year old superstar of my life. Happy birthday mate. Bless you!

My dear friend [NAME], even at the age of 90 your aura, vibrancy and dynamism is an inspiration for all of us including young generation. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday buddy.

Just like classic cars and wine, you are ageing in the best way but getting better and better. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday friend.

Life is made up of special moments and memories and you have that in abundance as you turn 90. Wishing my friend a very happy birthday! Have a blast!

[NAME], your wisdom has always kept you young at heart. You are always at a special place in my heart and in my life. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday my lovely friend.

As you turned 90 today, I can still see the love for pizza as you had 60 years back. May God bless you and keep all your teeth intact. Wish you a very happy 90th birthday!

I rejoice the day when we first became friends and never turned our back since then. Let’s celebrate this epic milestone in the best way. Wishing you a very happy birthday my friend.

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Many congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone! I can’t believe you have turned 90 as you don’t look like one! Happy 90th birthday my lovely friend!

Happy 90th Birthday Funny Wishes

We have turned 90 so let’s just accept the fact that we have grey hairs and wrinkles on face. We are not that young now so let’s celebrate your 90th birthday in a decent way.

You have turned 90 and thankfully the vintage is in the trends. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday. Stay happy and healthy always!

90 is a great milestone and this symbolises you have become one of the classics. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday!

It’s is not that growing old is just like fine wine and if not having a lot of wine will make things better and look from a different angle. Wishing the happy 90th!

Turned 90? Don’t you panic! You still got 10 more 100! So relax and enjoy your 90th birthday. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear. Bless you!

You have turned 90 today and your turn of being young is over so just calm down, relax and pray to God. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday!

Its 90 and you playing a full deck! Happy birthday to the special one who is forever young and cheerful in every way. Happy 90th!

It’s the big 90 today so don’t just blow candles, simply cut the cake oldie. Wishing you a very happy 90th birthday oldie! Have a blessed year ahead!

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Happy 90th birthday. Cheers to another year of laughing at our own insane jokes, silly talks and keeping each other entertained all the time.

As you turn older, you have become more carefree, young spirit and a free bird at heart with every passing year. Happy 90th birthday to my coolest special one ever!