Mom Birthday Wishes in Heaven for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram


It is said angles live in Heaven. Your mother who was no less than an angel on this earth who protected you from all worries, slept after your sleep, stayed hungry sometimes to satisfy your hunger and even had fought for your against the whole world in any circumstances.  Now your beloved mamma is not with you and it’s her birthday today. We understand how it feels when the flood of those memories comes in front of your eyes and minds taking you back in time of those golden moments with you mummy. That time spent with your mama is not going to come again. We have written here some touching birthday wishes for a mom who has passed away and as son/daughter your heart wants to wish her a happy birthday. Share it with friends on the wall of your Facebook profile/page or have it as your WhatsApp status or snap it on Snapshot.

Wish Your Mom Happy Birthday Who is Now in Heaven

Hey mom, I know you still see me from that haven every day with those loving eyes. I feel you are still with me always. Today on your Birthday my heart is sad and full of love for all that you have given me without asking anything in return. Happy birthday to the best mom in haven who lived with his beloved son on this earth. (You can write the birth and death year here to make it more memorable.)

Mamma we, your children’s have gathered here today and will be going to Church on your birthday to pray Jesus for your journey in haven goes smoothly. With a candle in our hands and love in our HEART we wish our dearest mother heartily HAPPY BIRTHDAY. LOVE YOU MUMMA. WE MISS YOU A LOT. 

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Today is the most precious moment – the day my Mother was born and I want to know all the people in the world that she is the best among the best. You are the one who taught me to walk when I was a child and put values in my mind to make me a gentleman. Happy Birthday to my dearest mom. Rest in heaven Mom!

Mummy, it’s your birthday and my heart wants to give you a tribute. So I have decided to feed the poor children – because I know you loved kids so much and through their blessing, I want my wish to travel through rays of light in haven. Love you dear MOM – Happy Birthday from your dear daughter. 

Hey, mamma, I have prepared your favorite dishes and waiting for you to come in some ways from haven. I know Jesus the almighty hears everybody’s wishes made with a true heart and I have firm belief you will come mother to bless me. Miss you the loveliest mother who was a goddess for me.

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