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Birthday Celebration Party Invitation Messages and Texts for WhatsApp

Birthday Party Invitation Messages

Birthday invitations are evenly special to a birthday celebration.  A warm and byheart invitation touches everyone deeply. Words are the ultimate source to win hearts. Write a unique and perfect birthday invitation for a mesmerizing birthday celebration. Here we are presenting a selective range of birthday invitation messages and quotes that can help you to send sweet and lovely invitation quickly without any difficulty on WhatsApp. Pick and send below birthday invitation to the adorable and loving peoples who matter a lot in your life.

Birthday Invitation Messages and Wordings for WhatsApp

My dear family members, Year ago [Birthday Date] is the day when we were blessed by god from a sweet little angle. You all are cordially invited to celebrate this special day [Date&Time] [Venue].  Your presences are valuable for us in this celebration. Please come and give your precious blessing to our princess.

Lovely friends, [Name] is turning [year] old. It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to celebrate his/her birthday. Come let’s blow out the candles, fill the balloons with sweet candies and cut the yummy cake together. Dance, food, and fun together [Date and Time] [Venue]

Dear All, You all are cordially invited tomorrow to my birthday celebration. Let’s have party guys and have fun together. Friend’s like you in this celebration makes it special and delight. See you at [Venue and Time]

Dear All, we are happy to invite you all in my prince [Name] birthday party celebration. Please come and give your love and blessings to him. [Date and Time] [Venue]

Dear friends, let’s toast the glasses and have fun in my birthday celebration [Date, Time and Venue]  I wish my friends can take a yummy cake with candles so that I can cut that and blow out all the candles.

Dear all, I am feeling very happy and grateful while sending you this invitation, [Date] is my son’s birthday. Do honor me to be my guest on this special occasion. We have a huge celebration with limitless food and appetizers for all. I am expecting you all at [Venue]

My dearer and nearer, you all are invited on [Date] in [Name] birthday celebration.  [Name] become [year] years old.  Don’t miss the chance to become a part of this huge celebration. It will come again after a long 365 days.

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My lovely friends please come and join me at my birthday party, be on time, don’t miss any single moment of this celebration. There are lots of surprises in every second for you.  Have fun, food, appetizer, cakes and music with birthday celebration props. [Date, Time and Venue]

Today is a very special day for me lets come together and make this day more memorable for us. Join us on [Name] birthday party at [Venue] on [Time].  Every single lovely member presence can make a difference.  I am eagerly waiting for you all.

Dear friends, please put lots of candles on a yummy cake and come fast at [Venue] I am here and waiting for all of you to celebrate my special day with you. Let’s have awesome and hilarious party friends.

Formal Birthday Invitation Messages for WhatsApp

From our deepest corner of our heart, we want to invite you all to the birthday celebration of my dearest [NAME]. Please join us on [DATE] to share the joy and love.

It is our pleasure to let you know that our baby boy/girl is turning [NUMBER] this year. You are invited to share the bundles of joy with memorable birthday celebration of [NAME]. We welcome you all.

Your presence at the birthday party will bring great happiness and joy to all of us and especially to [NAME] as he/she awaits you every moment. Please do join us on [DATE] at the [VENUE] for the celebration.

The [DATE] is the most special for me. As we are planning to throw a wonderful party at the [VENUE], your name came to the top of the list and we are excited to see you at the birthday celebration of [NAME].

Dear [NAME], please be our guest and bless our little boy/girl [NAME] by attending our party at the [VENUE] on the [DATE]. Mark your presence and help us spread happiness among our family and friends.

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Daughter’s Birthday Party Invitation for WhatsApp

Come join us on [DATE] as we celebrate the birthday of our little girl [NAME]. As she loves you and loves your company, your presence will bring a big smile to her face on her birthday.

Big cakes, lots of games and tasty food, we are going to celebrate the birthday of our loved daughter [NAME]. We cordially invite you all to be a part of the beautiful evening.

Our dearest little angel has all grown up and will be turning [AGE] on [DATE]. We have decided to throw big party with all her favourite food and games to be played. She is excited to see you all and so we are. So come and join us for the celebrations.

We have decided to make this day as the most special day for our lovely daughter. We want you to be our guest and double the joy of our lovely daughter. Come join us and be a part of the celebration on [DATE].

We look forward to host you on our daughter’s birthday as we celebrate her turning as [AGE]. Come join us and enjoy the beautiful evening. Just come visit us the venue [INFO].

Every bit of moment will be celebrated with lots of fun, love and happiness on our daughter’s birthday. Come join us at [VENUE] on [DATE] at [TIME] and bless our daughter.

As we have arranged this beautiful birthday treat for our dear daughter. Come and make the birthday our daughter [NAME] blissful. Here is [VENUE], [DATE] and [TIME].

Son’s Birthday Party Invitation for WhatsApp

Our little prince charming is turning a year older and we want make this day special by celebrating in the best possible way. So we welcome you to the [VENUE] on [DATE].

Our son [NAME] is turning [AGE] this year and want to celebrate in the most special way to make it memorable for him. So just come to [VENUE] on [DATE] and bless our handsome boy.

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We want to celebrate every bit of our boy’s birthday celebration and want to add charm by giving your presence at the [VENUE] on [DATE]. SO mark the date and come to have fun on the special day.

[DATE] is the special day as we celebrate our lovely boy’s birthday and you are chosen to be our special guest for the birthday celebration of our son [NAME]. So, don’t forget the date! We are sending here the [VENUE] along with the map location for your convenience.

On our son’s birthday, we are inviting all his friends to the rocking birthday celebration on [DATE] at [VENUE]. Be a part of this rocking birthday celebration.

We have thrown a birthday surprise for our beloved son [NAME] on his [XXTH] birthday. So come join us at [VENUE] and be a part of the grand celebration. See you all at the birthday party venue.

Just like the sweet pudding, we are delighted to have a guest like you at the birthday party of our son’s birthday. Please join us for the remarkable birthday celebration on [DATE] at the [VENUE].

Funny Birthday Invitation Messages & Wordings for WhatsApp

The decorations have begun and the celebrations will start on the [DATE]. So don’t just come for the celebration, give us a hand with decorations too. The [VENUE] is described here.

Grace the birthday party with your presence by attending at the [VENUE] but don’t forget to bring the gifts. The gifts are compulsory to bring when arriving at my birthday party celebration.

Please come to the [VENUE] to shower your love and care on my birthday. Just a reminder about bringing the gifts and chocolate on my birthday that is on [DATE]. Note the venue as below. We invite you to the birthday celebration where food and drinks is chargeable but gifts are mandatory. So just don’t forget to bring me gifts on my birthday.