Thank You Messages for the Surprise Birthday Cake, Celebration & Gifts

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

This post is dedicated to all the person’s who are very grateful and want to say thank you in a special way to whom, who has sent surprise birthday cakes, celebration and gifts for you and make your birthday very special.

It is for them who receives an unexpected surprise from their loved ones, surprises in any way whether it can be a party for you, a special gift you or can be a yummy multi-layer cake for you. Now it’s your turn to show them your gratitude from your gentle words and give them an honor through you lovely and grateful thank you message.

Thank You Messages for Surprise Delicious & Yummy Birthday Cake

Surprise Birthday Cake
Surprise Birthday Cake

What a delicious cake that was, my favorite one Belgium chocolate cake. I can’t believe you still remember my likes and dislikes. Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise.

Today I became one more year older, but your surprise birthday cake gave me new energy and a positive vibe that innocence and childhood are still remaining inside me. Thank you to realize this thing to me and for my favorite cake as well.

Guys thank you for giving me this surprise cake celebration. At first, when you brought that small pudding cake I was just like angry and furious. But when I saw that hidden big cake – did not have a feeling of what to express – burst with joy. Thank you for making my birthday special – giving me these golden memories

Butterscotch is my favorite cake and I did not reveal this secret with anyone in the office. But Oh MY GOD when I saw this cake at the table with candles lit up there were tears in eyes and joy. Friends you are all I have – I heartily thank you all from bottom of my heart for this special birthday dream cake. Love you. Let’s party hard today.

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I had never celebrated my birthday the way it was done today at my home with my family. From that hectic day, I just had forgotten that it was my birthday today. When I came back home it seemed dark and I was searching for a torch in the drawer but to my surprise, the lights turn on and that birthday wishes jingle bells still ringing in my ears. Thank you all for making my Birthday so special. I am glad to have a family like you.

Dear daughter, thank you for arranging this surprise birthday celebration. Till today it was me who took care of your little wishes and tried to fulfill your all dreams my angle. But today you have made my day so bright full that it will stay in my heart 4ever. Love you my dearest child.

Thank You Messages for Surprise Birthday Celebration Party

Surprise Birthday Celebration
Surprise Birthday Celebration

Dear, this was one of my best birthday party, I had enjoyed a lot today, thank you to do so hard work to organize the best birthday party for me. I really appreciate your lovely surprise for me.

There are so many friends around me but you are just awesome, you always make me surprise from your different ideas on my special day, I love your surprise and waiting very curiously for it one after another on my birthday, thank you dear for a wonderful birthday party on the yacht.

Thank You Messages for Surprise Birthday Gift

Surprise Birthday Gift
Surprise Birthday Gift

London is my dream destination, thank you for the best surprise gift that I have ever received in my life, I still can’t believe that I am going to live with my dreams in London. Thank you once make me speechless.

There have been many costly and beautiful presents I received. But the gift you gave me today is the most priceless and near to my heart. Love you dear for making my birthday so filled with joy.

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This is my first birthday gift in these many years I have received that will be remembered for time to come. It is because it is not a thing but a precious feeling that is like a seed inside me that will flower and blossom. Thank for giving me this precious momentous gift darling.