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Birthday Wishes Reply to Sister

Birthday Wishes Reply to Sister

Sister is the best gift from God while getting the birthday warm wishes from your elder or younger sister it fills your heart with lots of happiness and gratefulness towards your sister. After receiving such a loving message now it’s your turn to show your gratitude in the revert of her love and care by sending a wonderful reply to her. Here we are presenting a list of birthday wishes reply to your lovely sister. Pick and send these messages on social media platforms or via personal e-mail and messages.

Appreciation Birthday Wishes Reply to Sister

Dear sister thankyou so much for your heartiest wishes. You are just incredible thank you for all your love, affection and support. It is because of you ‘ I am what I am’. Hope I got a chance to do something for you.

Dear sister you are the mirror image of our mother, you always having my health concern when I stay away from home. Thank you my loving sister for your wishes.

My sweet little angel, my sister thankyou for such sweet and innocent wishes that you have sent me on my birthday. Thank you for being my partner in all pranks and naughty activities along with all the punishment. You are such a sweetheart.

Thank you so much to you my elder sister, after our mother passed away when I was a young kid but you have never felt me alone. Your wishes and blessings mean me a lot.

My loving sis, thank you so much for the birthday note that you have written and designed for me very creatively with full of love and emotions, that is the most precious and delicate gift for me I always keep it close to my heart.

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Dearest sis, you have believed and faith in me more than myself. It is all your trust that in me that I can do something in my life because of all your hard work that I have achieved heights in my career. Thank you my loving sister for all your wishes.

When I was happy you were happy, when I feel sad you were also sad. There is nothing between us that affects only me not on you. You are my true sibling. Thank you to my younger sister for everything you have done for me and tolerance for me without any complaint.

Though we are twin sisters, still I am nanoseconds elder than you. But I always wondered how you can be sensible and much mature than me. However, it is beneficial for me because I haven’t need to do any hard work on you to make you a good human being. Thank you so much sis for all your heartfelt wishes on my birthday.

Sometimes my friends get zealous from me not because I am smart but because I am having a brilliant and intelligent sister like you who take me out from any extreme situation. Thank you for your generous and humble wishes on my special day.

Though you criticized me since childhood I always took that in a positive way and realized whatever you have done for me is all about my welfare. Thank you so much sister not only to show me the right path till entire life but also to protect me from danger. Thank you for your wishes and support.