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Birthday Wishes Reply to Teacher

Birthday Wishes Reply to Teacher

The teacher plays a very important part in the life of a student from childhood until one completes his/her graduation. A guru is one who identifies the hidden qualities of disciple and makes him/her worthy of qualities that help to live a worthy life. It’s like turning raw stone into a gem. A teacher could be of any age or race and thanking them for the virtues they have taught is a must. It is even more important to appreciate by responding to your sir/mam when they wish you on your lovely birthday. Here we have eventually identified and shared top quotes that you can send us a message over the phone, a unique thank you note, share on social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) in form of a status update, retweets as well as an email in your educational institution.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes to Teacher (Miss, Ma’am, Madam, Sir, Guru)

Dear Sir, thank you first of all for wishing on my birthday. You have been a guiding path in my life whenever I was in trouble. I could never forget the valuable teaching you have given me which has not only given me success in my life but also helped me to become a good human being. 

I am so blessed to have such loving Mam. Thank you so much for this lovely wishes on my birthday.

Respected Guru, this blessing from you on my birthday are more valuable than the treasures of this world. I owe you my life for what have you taught and gifted with esoteric knowledge.

Thank you dear teacher for sending greetings on my birthday. It is so touching and it’s the most precious moment in my life. 

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After so many years of leaving the school, I was surprised to suddenly see your message in my inbox on my birthday. I was overjoyed with tears. Thank you Ma’am for remembering me.

I was an orphan on the road whom you brought to your home and showered your compassion over me.  My life would be meaningless without your help. Thank you Sir for sending such a lovely message on my birthday. 

Thank you teacher for this inspiring message.  I am filled with gratitude and respect when I think of how important you were in shaping my career. You have taught me the way of living life with pride and honor.

Respected Mam, thank you for this fantastic wishes on my birthday. Your learnings are like commandments of Jesus to me. This is because your teaching has been like the rays of sun falling on my path of darkness and helping me achieve my dreams. I am so grateful to have you as my teacher. 

You are my hero Sir because of the values and patience you have taken to groom me into a gentleman. Thank you for wishing on my birthday. 

Thank you Madam for remembering me on my Birthday. Your favorite student will never forget you till the end of my life for the knowledge you have put in my head and heart.