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Happy Birthday Buddy Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Happy Birthday Buddy

Amongst all the relations, a bond shared with your buddy is the most beautiful thing. This bond is always special and the love, affection, understanding makes it even stronger. The buddy-bond adds charm when it’s the birthday of your world’s best buddy.

Just normal messages, wishes and quotes aren’t sufficient for your buddy’s birthday. Our collection of messages will help you convey the right words in a special way with the feeling that touches your buddy’s heart.

Unique Happy Birthday Buddy Wishes for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

Happy Birthday to the fabulous, brilliant and charming buddy that wins heart of everywhere you go! Have a blessed year ahead!

Thank for being my midnight/2 AM buddy. I would have died of hunger if you haven’t cooked quick dishes when my tummy screams. Now it my turn to return the favor tonight! Happy birthday buddy.

You have been with me on a rollercoaster the ride of my life and I am thankful to you for being there always. On this special day, I want to let you know that even I am here for your rollercoaster. Happy birthday buddy!

You are bud who is biological adaptable, scientifically proven safe and an element with high chemical bonding. Happy birthday to my rockstar buddy!

Just like your special day, may your year ahead be filled with smiles, joy and happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday and blessed year.

Lovely Happy Birthday Buddy Quotes and Messages

It’s your birthday, let’s celebrate, party and live the moment after all your one sweet bud. Happy birthday sweetheart!

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Happy birthday to my best buddy! You are the one whom I can look upon in every moment. Thank you so much. Let’s celebrate.

Tis the day amigo to get up to some mischief! Let’s just go out, have fun and call it a toast over the birthday of my best buddy. Happy birthday dear.

Knock! Knock! Sending over lots of love, hugs and kisses on your birthday. We might be far away but I will be always with you. Happy birthday buddy.

The best thing about you is that you live life to the fullest. Stay like this for years to come. Happy birthday buddy.

“A best buddy is the one who has all your secrets and have lived every moment with you” – Thanks for being there at every step. Happy birthday!

“The journey of life becomes worth travelling when your best bud is on the next seat to you.”

“The definition of buddy is they don’t let you do all the crazy things alone in life”

“Buddy is that secret ingredient that adds the right flavor to your life.”

Touching Happy Birthday Buddy Messages

You only live once and every birthday should be celebrated just like it’s a super special day. Today is your birthday so let’s make it grand.

Life is not just to live, but it is to celebrate just the way we are going to celebrate your birthday buddy. Let’s make it large!

In good times and bad, cheers to our friendship. I will be always by your side. Happy birthday!

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I feel blessed because you are such a sweetheart girl. Happy birthday to my closest and oldest buddy.

Pointless conversations, weird acts, nonsense jokes, midnight outings and coffees – we make a great pair of buddies. Let’s keep it rolling by celebrating your birthday in a special way.

Thank you standing by my side while doing the dumbest of things, listening to hilarious jokes and what not. On this day, tolerate me for a surprise you will be getting soon. Happy birthday buddy!

Cheers to the boring nights that turned into memorable moments of our life. Cheers to my best buddy on this birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Buddy Wishes

It’s your birthday hermano, sending you nothing ? but a message full of love, hugs and kisses. Happy birthday buddy.

It’s your birthday…so? #treatyourself…just kidding. Today’s party on me buddy.

To me you my buddy is as good as partner-in-crime! Happy birthday bud!

It’s your birthday and today is all about you! I can’t wait to get party from you buddy. Let’s make the bill large! Happy birthday dear friend. Wishing you more life, happiness and adventure! Happy birthday buddy.