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Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

It is said that the best ever friendship is the childhood friendship and when it’s the birthday of your best ever friend then it is not fair to miss out wishing the happy birthday. It has taken a lot of nurture, patience and love to grow the childhood friendship to an unmatchable level. When it’s the birthday of your childhood friend, a special plan, a special birthday message and wishes is a must do thing.

A childhood friendship a truly a blessing of the god, however, it comes with a condition – NO MATTER WHAT WE STICK TOGETHER WATCHING EACH OTHER’S BACK. At times, new friends come in life but sticking to the commitment will grow your childhood friendship to blossoming best. To add a charm to your blossoming friendship, we have shared some specially crafted birthday messages, notes and quotes for your childhood friend.

Birthday Messages for Forever Childhood Friend for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

We have grown and will grow older with years passing but one thing will never fade from our life – OUR CHILDHOOD FRIENDSHIP. Happy birthday to my forever friend. Cheers!

Everything other might fade away from our lives but the memories of childhood and our childhood friendship is never gonna fade away. It’s time for toast – cheers to our friendship and to the best birthday of my friend.

Wishing you a very special birthday to my all star friend. May you cherish our childhood memories forever and have those at heart every moment.

We were born on same day, same school, same high school and now the partner of the same company. You are just twin to me! Wishing you the same-same happy birthday my childhood friend!

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I still remember giving promises as kids of keeping our friendship forever.  Today we have all grown up and living the promises we kept, feels amazing. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday dear!

Funny & Crazy Birthday Wishes for Childhood Friend

I still laugh at the incident of you getting a scold instead of me…To those moments that we lived in our childhood and many more to come. Happy birthday my childhood partner in crime.

The bet which I won and making you propose that tattooed girl was so crazy incident. I remember our childhood days whenever I see kids doing such stuff nowadays. Calling all those memories and wishing you merriest birthday. Happy birthday friend!

Swapping our lunch boxes and meeting at our secret spots and talking for long after school was the best thing happened in my life. Thank you, my friend. Wishing you the loveliest birthday.

Happy birthday to my childhood partner. Doing home works, beating each other in tests and playing as the best pair – we were and are inspiration for all. My friend, may your dreams come true and wishing you all the success on your birthday. Happy birthday.

Defining CHILDHOOD FRIENDSHIP is YOU & ME. Life can’t get better and time just stops when we are together. Wishing you my friend the craziest birthday of life. Let’s rock it in evening.

It’s this birthday where we have to do the craziest thing. Are you ready my dear friend for my challenge? I know you will kill it. Happy Birthday Hermano!

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Short Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

Wishing you the awesomest and rocking birthday my childhood friend. Let’s wreck it in the evening and have fun like never before.

Happy Birthday Amigo! May our friendship grow stronger and stronger with kicking all the storms that come in the way.

You always understand my silence, my noise. No one knows and understand me the way you do.  Thank you so much. Wishing you a purest and healthy birthday.

Happy Birthday to my childhood friend – a mentor, brother, critic and well-wisher!

You have always taught me to dare and not to bare. Happy Birthday my childhood friend.

Love, Trust & Loyalty – Traits of childhood friendship. YOU – An example of best ever childhood friend. Happy birthday to my 8th wonder, my friend!

Life is a philosophy and we have written it well in the books of friendship. Happy birthday my childhood friend.

Heart Touching Birthday Messages for Childhood Friend

Our mesmerizing childhood memories bring tears to my eyes and wish to live those days again with you. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother. Have fun!

Happy birthday to my handsome prince. Just like emptiness is life without joy, you are to me. God bless you!

Don’t you ever feel alone, I am always gonne be by your side. Just call me anytime and I will ne there. Happy birthday my childhood friend.

A true friendship is not made, it is earned – just the way you honored me as your friend. Love, hugs and wishes to my dearest childhood friend. Keep smiling!

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When I think about childhood – its YOU. I want to thank you for all the love and care you have shown to me. Hope you find happiness and stay in good health. Happy birthday my childhood friend.

Today is your special day. May all your dreams come true and have a wonderful birthday. Just a quick text from your childhood friend. See ya at night amigo!

The best way to live the life is walk and talk with the one you love in life. For me it’s you my childhood friend. Hugs and love to my champ!

Birthday Wishes and Notes for Far Away Childhood Friend

You may be far away but our hearts are always connected. Happy my gorgeous childhood friend. Live life to the fullest.

True friendship is the rarest gift for a friend. I am grateful I got that gift since childhood. Happy birthday to my friend who is seven seas away!

Though you are now far away, the passing time has not changed you. You are still the most beautiful and kindest friend to me. Happy birthday girl!

People say distance creates difference but our friendship is the perfect example to falsify these thoughts. Happy birthday to the luckiest girl/boy. The best ever connection is to connect with heart! When we are connected with heart why the hell, we need 4G and 5G networks. Just close the eyes and we are together! Happy birthday to my supersonic friend.