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Boss Birthday Status, Wishes & Messages to Send Via WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email

Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boss

Birthday of the boss is a perfect time to show your gratitude and respect to your boss. It is an opportunity to make up your boss’s mood from sending him sweet, graceful, funny and humorous messages. This is also a good time and a chance to say thank you to your boss and to wish him good health and success in life and business. Don’t become a toad-eater of your boss but the well-wisher. Send some sweet and generous words to your boss on his birthday and make your bonding strong with him. Here we are presenting a list of amazing and best happy birthday wishes, messages, and quotes for Boss that you can post and send via social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You can also send him a personalize text message and email too.

Professional Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes & Messages for Your Boss or Ex-Boss viz. Team Leader, Group Head, Project Manager, CEO, Director

Respected Sir, though you are not my immediate boss today, I had learned a lot from you. I have improved my management skills under your guidance. Wish you very happy birthday to my mentor.

Dear boss, I have followed you since so many years, you taught me the leadership is nothing just a state of mind. If we have strong determination and self-belief, we can pass any hurdle not only in career but also in life. Happy birthday to my great boss.

Happy birthday to the chilliest boss ever. A very happy birthday to a magnificent leader who can transform the hardest time into chilling moments easily. You are the best boss we ever had. Have the happiest of birthdays!

People are judge you from your outer appearance and gesture, nobody knows you how beautiful you are from inside, you are always thinking for the welfare of your team and group. We are so grateful to have a boss like you at our work place. Happy birthday to my simple living and high thinking boss!

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Boss you have a great sense of humour to react on the comments, you always understand the situation and the circumstances first then react on the things, Happy birthday to my very sensible and sensitive boss.

Thanks for inspiring our team to achieve great heights. Happy birthday, boss!

You are the world’s best boss and it is our pleasure to work with you, have a joyful birthday Sir!

We are lucky to have an incredible boss who is such an excellent mentor and a wonderful friend! Happy birthday, boss!

You are the most amazing boss, supporter, and guide. May God bless you today with a wonderful happy birthday and years of tomorrows filled with prosperity, joy, and happiness.

As a boss, you have guided us on each step of the way. We appreciate that a lot and on your big day, we wish you a great success and well-being. Happy Birthday, boss!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss

Boss you have accomplished your all goals successfully, now set a new target for yourself that is to loss some weight from your body, it will make you more joyful and healthy. God bless you a long life, happy birthday boss!

Boss you are very talented and handsome to don’t hide your charm behind your bread and moustaches. On your birthday, please take a makeover we are eager to see your new looks. I am sure that must be very glossy. Happy birthday dear boss!

Dear boss, don’t be afraid to through the birthday parties, it is having fun and give you some relaxation from the work and making new strategies atleast for a day. On this birthday through a grand and big party for us, we surely bring lovely gifts for you too. Happy birthday boss!

Dear boss your birthday gives us a early alarm that someday we will be at your place and will be the boss of other who all the time focusing on work and targets, on this birthday we decide to do something for you and organise a small get together, please occupy sometime for yourself and invest in your hobbies. Happy birthday to a very busy man that is you my workaholic boss!

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Shouting, blaming and complaining is not your characteristic but a part of your role and designation in the office, we are not worried for it. But we worried that today is your special day and you forget it. Have a happy birthday boss make this day different from other 364 days, enjoy your day to the fullest because tomorrow is the same routine that you have to pursue. Happy birthday boss, have a blast!

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss

Our teammate says you are a very strict boss but I couldn’t find you angry for a single moment even I have done numerous silly mistakes in my work. Thank you to understand me and consider me as a fresher. Happy birthday to the most generous and humble boss.

Dear boss, like other bosses in the other organization I have never seen you to shout on anyone at the work premises during my long tenure, whenever any of the team member have done any mistake you always explain him/her calmly it is the beauty of your soul and showcase of your ethics. Happy birthday boss and God bless you a long and happy life!

You are a wonderful boss, friend, colleague, supporter, and guide. May you get the best of everything in life! Happy Birthday, boss…

You are a perfect leader and a generous person. It is an honor to be a part of your team Happy Birthday! Many you have a healthy long life.

The heart-warming birthday wishes to our awesome boss who always inspires us with determination and unbeatable energy! Wishing you another year of great accomplishments! Happy birthday!

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Boss we have tried numerous new projects every year, in some of the projects we got failed too, but don’t be demoralized your self keep going and take a dare to do new things we are always with you, we are so proud that you are our boss. Have a brightest and happiest birthday ahead!

Impressive Happy Birthday Wishes for Boss

Dear boss by giving your guidance and support you make my work life easier, I have learnt a lot from you, I have achieve lots of praise and success in my life it is all about your time investment in me and having your faith in me. Happy birthday to my gentle and wise boss!

Dear boss you have a passion to fulfil your stubbornness and wants to fulfil your dreams is your hobby, your achieved lots of fame and success in your life, but the eagerness and enthusiasm you have to do something new every time makes a difference between you and others. Happy birthday to my very courageous and talented boss.

May you have another year of good times and new achievements. Happy birthday to my dearest boss!

I really appreciate your helpful and motivating nature. You are an excellent Boss with a lavish heart. Happy Birthday!

It is nice to experience being part of your team.  Happy birthday, boss!

Happy birthday, the boss, keep inspiring us!

It has been a pleasure to work closely with you boss, happy birthday.

 You are not a good boss but also a great person, have a rocking birthday boss.

My success wouldn’t have been easy without your expert guidance and leadership. Wishing you a nice birthday! You are not only my boss, you are my teacher as well. Whatever I know, whatever I earn, your role is amazing. Have a happiest birthday and nice years ahead.

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