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Birthday Wishes for Naughty Friend

Birthday Wishes for Naughty Friend

We all have that one or many friends with whom we can enjoy dark, humorous and naughty moments that will remain alive forever in our heart. Those moments are special and for all those naughty friends we have handcrafted birthday wishes to make it memorable.

Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for Naughty Friend

Wishing my coolest and amazing friend a very happy birthday. Wishing you a day full of laughter and entertainment with all the dark jokes. God bless you!

Cheers to the friend I have and the friendship goals. I am grateful having a friend like you who is not just good at heart but naughty too. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Thank you for being my naughty friend and making my life hell for living. May God shower upon you his eternal blessings and fills your life with utmost naughtiness. Wishing you a rocking birthday my friend! Happy birthday!

You are one true naughty friend who deserve all the happiness in the world. You are such a great person and a wonderful friend I ever had in my lifetime. Happy birthday buddy, have a nice day ahead!

A very happy birthday to my dearest friend who is my naughtiest partner in crime. You are the person with whom I enjoy doing naughty and crazy things making life a memorable one. Happy birthday!

It is born day of my dear friend. You are the person who shows different side and characteristic when you are with me. It is just me who is aware about your naughty side and I admire seeing my friend that way. Wish you a very happy birthday!

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Best birthday to my naughtiest friend! You are already a guy who just cracks the best dark and naughty jokes and the one being who does mischiefs all the time. I wish you have an adventurous and years full of happiness. Happy birthday buddy!

Funny Naughty Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

On your XXth birthday, may god take out all the happiness from your life and fill your life with naughtiest adventures. Happy birthday my parsimonious friend, have a blast!

Hey buddy, you are one creature who radiates both positive and negative energy. Wishing you a life full of naughtiest adventure! Happy birthday!

I am thankful that your birthday comes just once a year! I don’t know what you would do if it came every month. Wishing my friend a very happy birthday. Have a naughty one!

Cheers to a loving friend, thank you for supporting me through and I confess that I love doing all crazy endeavors with you. I have never had a friend like you who is so mischievous. Happy birthday buddy!

Happy birthday to my buddy who is naughtiest among all in the entire universe. May you grow old as soon as possible so that the devil waits for you to enter the gate of hell! Happy birthday!

Hey [NAME], you are one jacka*s of all trades and master of all as well. Don’t change for anyone as I love the way you are! Many happy returns of the day my dear naughty friend.

Your face is the only thing that makes me laugh out loud every time I see. The last thing I crave to see is the way you smile. Happy birthday my beautiful!

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My life was beautiful but then you entered and everything become so dark, adventurous and roller coaster. You seem like a curse on my life who sits in my life and makes me laugh with all the double meaning and crazy sh*t jokes and naughty actions. I still love you though. Happy birthday my lousy friend!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Naughtiest Friend

We make such a great team—me with my good looks, and intelligence, and you being naughtiest and silly but you are such a great friend to me. Happy birthday my best buddy ever! Have fun!

One more year to do and you are still twenty-one year old virgin! I think the best gift I have to bring is a sex toys for a pervert like you keeping your naughty nature in mind. Wishing my friend a very happy birthday.

I must say getting someone as awesome as me and equally naughty as you has undoubtedly been the best pair ever. We make a great combination of Yin Yang. Happy birthday to the best ever friend who has a golden heart and is equally naughty!

Hey [NAME], you are an ass of all trades and always makes sure that you make other person’s life as hell. Wishing you a happiest birthday to the most useless yet best friend in this world. Bless you always and thank you for being my friend.

I had been with you since childhood and so many birthdays have passed but there is no sign of you being mature. You are still that crazy, naughty and one hell of a friend. Happy birthday to the shittiest, craziest but best ever friend! Thank you for being my friend for life.