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Happy Birthday God Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status

Birthday Wishes for God

People from any religion celebrate their adorable God’s birthday in their own way and sending their birthday wishes too. Here we are presenting the best birthday wishes for God that you can post on your Facebook timeline, can set as a status in WhatsApp you can also share these wishes your friends and family via social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter you can directly pick and send as a personal text message and an email too.

Adorable Happy Birthday Wishes for God

My Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to come in this beautiful world and give my contribution to making this earth more beautiful and lively. Happy birthday to my adorable God.

The life of human being is the blessings of you God, thank you for creating living creatures and made this work so wonderful. Let’s celebrate the birthday of my lord.

Thank you for answering all my prayers and fill my life with lots of joy and happiness. Thank you to keep blessings me, on this religious day I just spend my whole day to pray to God. A very happy birthday!

Dear almighty God forgives me for all my sin and blesses me for all the good things, removes all the evil spirits from the earth, and spread peace and harmony in this world. Happy birthday to my kind and humble God.

Dear God shows me the right path in my life, show me the light in the darkness to always be kind, generous, and wise with all your creations. You are the last destination of everyone’s life. Blessed us happy birthday to my lord.

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Thank you, God to empower me with all the grace and courage to achieve all the success in my life. Happy birthday to my believer, my lifemaker, my lord, my friend my God.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful, loving and caring family and friends in my life. I have never ever been feel lonely in my life. Thank you, God it is all your blessings. Happy birthday my God!

My adorable God may this year our bonding become more and more stronger and my faith will increase in you thank you for blessing me spiritual and holy life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Jesus you took birth on the earth for the welfare of the human being, to spread happiness and finish the evil power you took birth to overcome on the difference between caste, creed, and color. We always remember your sacrifice for the human being. Thank you, God for giving us a good life.

All children are equal in the eyes of God, you never do any discrimination between your children thank you God for equally blessed and love to us. Happy birthday to the holy and pure soul my lord, my God!