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Mom Birthday Status
Mom Birthday Status

Mother is a special person for everyone in the world. Every mother doesn’t want any special treatment on her birthday but a simple and small wish from our side. Mother is the most precious gem for everyone life, nobody wants to lose this gem at any cost. Mother is the one who spent her entire life in the take care of us without any complaint and without any demand.

Mother is the one who wipes our tears and spread happiness on our lips. She is the person who brought lots of expensive gifts for us on our birthday but never buys a single dress for herself on her number of passing birthdays. She has done countless sacrifices for us to fulfill our all foolish or genuine wishes. She collects all the happiness from the world at any cost just to make us happy. Motherhood and her precious love are auspicious for us. No one is this whole world who can take her place in our life.

Mother is the one who sacrifices her career for the sake of giving us a bright future and best upbringing. We can say that we are the luckiest and richest person in this world because we are having our mom along with us at every step of our life. We salute all the mothers in this world who is working 24*7 and enjoying her work without earning a single penny.  Moms are so innocent and most beautiful women in the universe, who is so simple in looking yet so pretty from her soul. It’s important to show your mother that you are caring and thinking about her.

Words are the most impressive way to show your affection towards her and salute your mom for her practices. Every mother deserves the loving and caring words tight holds on her birthday to feel her precious. Recall and recognize all the memories when she had relinquished just for us.

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes, Messages, Quotes, SMS from Son & Daughter

Here is a beautiful collection of happy birthday wishes for your mother, mom, mummy, mumma, maa. Now you can send a beautiful message to your mom and feel her very at the top of the world.

Deep Birthday Wishes for Mother

I don’t believe in angels and miracles, because I have you mom in my life. Thank you for all the things that you have done for me. Happy birthday.

Mom you spent your all sleep, health, care and love for me just because to give me a wonderful and happy life. I’m so grateful to you for all of these. Happy birthday to my cutest mom.

Mom I don’t have words to express how much I love you, thank you for being the best mother in the world. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful and super cool mom on this planet. Your unconditional love has always given me the strength to pass any hurdle in my life.

Birthday Prayer and Wishes for Mother

Mother/Mom/Mumma, all your life, you always pray for my happiness. Today, my prayer is for you, may God bless you hundred and hundred years of a healthy life. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom in this world.

Mom I get success in my life just because you are always with me. Whatever I am today just because of your love, care and always have faith in me. Happy birthday!

Dear mom I have never seen a goddess, but I pretty sure she will look like you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the kindest and wisest mom. You are my teacher and my guide. May your heart be full with lots of happiness, cherish and unforgettable memories.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Mother

No one can love me, understand me and inspire me more than you. You are my true best friend who taught me at every step of my life.  Happy birthday, mom.

Happy birthday to my sweetest mom in this whole world. You are the one who has done endeavor hardly for our bright future.

Happy birthday mom, you taught me to be humble, how to become a good human being, to face every situation of life, you always pick me up after any failure and raise me.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Mother

Thank you Mom for always being faith in me and believe in me that one day I can touch glories in my life. Happy birthday mom.

Mom, you are the reason for whom this beautiful world has become visible to me. You are the most special person for me in this world. Happy birthday to the lovely lady.

Mom your eyes are heaven for me, don’t let me go far away from your eyes. Love you mom wish you a very happy birthday.

I am so proud to be your son you are a simple and true definition of love, affection, and brilliance. Happy birthday dear mother.

Birthday Wishes for Mother Long Distance

Mom, no one can ever take your place in my life and my heart. I love you a lot. No matter where I am your blessings are always with me and I always close to your heart. Happy birthday mom.

Happy Birthday Mom. I wish I could spend more time with you on this special day, but this year I am miles away from you my best wishes are always with you. Happy birthday to my sweetest mom in this world!

To my dearest mother, I feel so lonely in the hostel on this special day. I wish you could be with me today to celebrate this day together. I love you and miss you mom, you are a superwomen. Happy birthday beautiful lady.

Dear mom, I know it was a very tough decision for you put me in the boarding school, those days I felt so depressed but today I know and realized that it was the correct decision for my career.  Thank you, mom, for making me a successful entrepreneur, it couldn’t be possible without you. Happy birthday to my great mother.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mother

My beautiful mom, I understand you love kitty parties but it would be better if you spend some of your small piece of time with me on your important day. Happy birthday to my wonderful mother.

Dear mother, on your special day I want to confess one thing that in my childhood I have taken you all beauty cosmetics in your absence because I wanted to be as beautiful as you but I can’t because you are only and unique. Mom, please forgive me for my childish behavior and accept my heartiest wishes on your special day.

Happy birthday to my stunning mother. Happy birthday to my naughty mommy, In other families kids are naughty but mothers are quite sincere. But in our family it is just opposite you are very naughty and we have to take care of you, we love to do this while taking good care of yourself. Be in yourself my queen has a joyful and another naughtiest day ahead.

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