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Mother-in-law Birthday Status, Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram

Birthday Wishes for Mother-in-law

On this special day of your mother-in-law share your feelings to her, show her how much you respect and love her more than your own mom. Wish her an amazing birthday by sending her some heartfelt message and make her day memorable and show your gratitude towards her.  Mother-in-law is the first and forever best friend in your in-law’s house, sometimes she teaches you like a teacher, sometimes shows you the right path as a role model.  She is always standing for you in your all sorrows before your own mother.  So this is your turn to send and show your love, care and respect for her dignity.

Here is the best collection for mothers in law birthday wishes for all the son/daughter in law around the world. Relationship with your mother-in-law is always being so sensitive and full of emotions. So send her some lovely messages on her special day and make this bond stronger.

Happy birthday to a beautiful lady who is as pure as nectar from both inside and outside, there is no perfect word to say thank you to the lady who sacrifices all her happiness for me. May God bless you a long life…

Dear mom, I am so lucky to have a prettiest and sweetest mother-in-law in the world, you always treat me as I am your own daughter. Happy birthday mamma…

Before met with you, I always thought all mothers-in-law are as vicious and monstrous but you have changed my thoughts. Happy birthday to the world’s best mother-in-law…

Mom, you are always there in my all joy and sorrows. I lift me up when I get demoralized you are an optimist and incredible mother-in-law. I admire you, best wishes on your special day!

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A very happy birthday to my sweet, elegant, kind, generous and charming mother-in-law! You are a queen of everyone’s heart in the house…

Thank you, mom, for all your love, care, and support. Thanks for always being with me. May God be with you today and all year through!

Happiest birthday to one of the most strong and gorgeous women in the world. You become younger and younger with passing years. I wish you good health many coming years. Happy Birthday, mamma…

How to Say Happy Birthday to your Husband’s/Wife’s Mom (Mother in Law)

Happy Birthday to the dearest mother in law. I admire your kindness and am grateful for the love that you have showered over me and gifting me your daughter who resembles you in all the way. 

I thank Jesus for sending an angel in the form of a mother in law. I did not know what a mother’s love is like as my mamma died when I was 5. In your face, I see my mom. Happy birthday to the loveliest, compassionate and caring mother in law.

When I came to this house as my husband’s wife there were many thoughts going into my heart about my relationship with you – mother in law. But the way you accepted and helped me to become a part of this family is very touching. Happy birthday to the most graceful lady on the earth

Happy birthday to the best mother in law. We thank you for taking care of our children, daughter, son and helping to build family values inside them. You have been an inspirational and loving granny to our kids.

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We love you so much – being your daughter in law is a feeling of pride. Happy birthday dearest mom in law.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Ex-mother in Law

I still remember you, my ex-mother in law how you helped me to start a new marriage life. Unfortunately, it was hard parting from you after my husband’s death. On this precious day, I wish you the happiest birthday ever from the bottom of my heart.

I pray to the mother Mary to gift every newly married girl a mother in law like you. It’s sad that we are not together in the same family. However, you have been my inspiration. I greet you with a warm hug and wish all the joy comes back to you in tenfold on your birthday.

Happy birthday to the dearest ex-mother in law. You deserve all the beautiful moments to cherish on your special day. Happy Birthday – here are flowers with chocolates and wine.

Funny Quotes for Mother in Law

Hey fatty mother in law, wish you a lovely birthday ahead. You are granny that our kids love to play with and heard those stories from the Bible and funny characters.

Your humorous nature bonds the whole family. Dear mother in law we love your jokes that have a meaning that teaches us without embracement. You are like a university of life where we learn lessons of life. Happy birthday.

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  1. A special day for me and my mom! her birthday! I love this day more than my birthday. While surfing or looking for wishes to represent her, I got few respectful messages here. Thanks!!

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