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Happy Birthday Wishes for Teacher (Sir & Ma’am) on Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram

Birthday Wishes for Teacher

In our life, we are giving equal place to our parents and teachers. They are always educating us to have a bright and successful future. Teacher’s birthday is a special day for both the teacher and the student. On this special day, every student wishes to his/her teacher who is the true role model, the mentor of their life. Teachers are a valuable part of our society. There is no best time better than a birthday to express your gratitude and respect to your teacher, to guider of your life. Show them how grateful you are for your teacher and appreciate them by sending them beautiful words on their special day.

This post is specially designed with these types of wishes, messages, and quotes you can pick and send to your teacher through any social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. You can also send them personal text messages and email you can also send through Google assistant. Here we are having an impressive and lovely collection of birthday wishes for your teacher (Math, English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc ).

Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes to your Favorite Teacher (Sir, Ma’am & Miss)

You are a true inspiration for me, thank you for giving us something to carry home each day. Happy birthday to an honourable teacher!

To educate someone is an honour; you educate countless children without taking any credit for it. Knowledge is the priceless present that you give us. Happy birthday, teacher…

The teacher you always motivate us, inspired us, fill us with enthusiasm and encourage us where we got demoralized. Happy birthday to the teacher who teaches us to be better every day.

Dear teacher, you taught me how to read, write and talk Moreover you taught me how to be a good human being. Wishing you a very Happy birthday may you live hundreds of years and teach million more children like me….

Happy birthday to our dearest and respectable teacher! Thank you for always being with us, for never letting us down and for believing in us! You are the best teacher that I have ever met in my life.

Teacher, Thank you for teaching me, it was a great pleasure to be your student. We will be always grateful to you. Happy birthday, to our dearest teacher…

A lot of people can teach lessons based on books but only gifted teachers like you have the ability to go beyond the bookish lessons and teach us about the real-life lessons to face hurdles and come over from any situation. Happy birthday to the most adorable teacher!

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Happy birthday to world’s best teacher…have a nice year ahead SIR….

It’s my goodness that you became a teacher. Wish you a nice birthday, my dearest SIR…

I am so lucky because God gifted me a teacher like you who always help me to become a good student Happy birthday dear, SIR…

The relationship between teacher and student is the most prestigious and valuable relationships in this world. I am so blessed to have a great teacher like you who not only taught me books lessons but also the big moral lessons of life that changed my entire life. Happy birthday to my teacher cum mentor.

Sir/Madam in my childhood though you know very well that I am the naughtiest kid still you uplift my career vert patiently. I salute you for all your tolerance level and thankful to you for all the hard work that you had done on me. Happy birthday to my favourite teacher ever.

Sir, in my school like I really hate you for all your strict nature and punishments that you were given me when I was not completed my homework and for all your bad remarks that you have given to my parents when I got very least marks in-class tests. Today I realized that all the things you had done are to make me good, honest and gentlemen. Happy birthday to my strict teacher.

Sir/Madam, I have met numerous teachers in my life, but you are an extremely different personality, I have seen how passionate you are about your teaching profession and the way you are inspiring the students is so motivational. Go ahead in your profession and keep shaping students’ careers to make them a good human being and responsible citizen. Happy birthday to my supermodel.

Dear Sir/Madam, on your special day today I want to share one secret with you about yourself, during our college life we love your liberal and calm nature to treat us but sometimes lots of the students took your liberty as a grant and bunked your lectures. On your birthday I wish you long and joyful life and hope you can be a little bit strict for naughty students. Happy birthday to my simple and sweet teacher

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Funny Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Teacher

Your deep knowledge and grip on the subject you taught are outstanding but unfortunately, I wasn’t like that subject so much, but you had done great work to at least given me passing marks in that subject. Happy birthday keeps going to do a fantastic job.

Student love to attend your lectures, there was almost 100 percent attendance in your class without any proxy, it was only because of your super cool nature, art to interact with students way to make thing easy to understand. Thank you for all your support. Happy birthday to the rocking teacher I have ever met.

Your beautiful smile and deep thoughtful eyes attracted the students towards you. I hope you are as beautiful today as our college days. Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady in the ethnic wear I have ever seen in my college life.

You taught me how to come over my fear for science subject, today I am a successful engineer just because of you. Thank you for making and shaping my career. Happy birthday to my favourite teacher.

I don’t believe a great teacher can be a party animal too, but you have changed my philosophy, I have always imagined a teacher with a thick stick in hand and a big glasses on eyes. But teacher like you make the environment easy, relax and calm to do study. Happy birthday to the supercool and a very jolly nature teacher. Good to have you in my life.

Heart Touching and Inspirational Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Teacher

Dear Sir/Madam, you are my well-wishers my guide irrespective of any profit and loss you always hold my hand and show me the right path to move on in my life. Today whatever I have achieved in my life is because of you. Thank you and a very happy birthday!

Every person having a phase in their life where they have so many teachers to teach them the lesson from the books but teachers like you are rare to teach the lesson of life. Thank you for being my teacher, Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my all-time favorite teacher you makeover my mind that I can do better with my life even though I was an average student in studies, it is because of your initiative that I had boost up myself and move progressively in my life. Thank you so much for all your support.

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Dear Sir/Madam, you are always on the top in my life, and in my heart, I admire your dedication and hard work that you are doing with your each and every student, for me you are equivalent to God. Happy birthday!

I always remember your beautiful smile and a bright, shiny face to motivate all the students to do study and fill them with new energy. Students love to listen to you and attend your lectures among them I was one of your biggest fans. Happy birthday to my enthusiastic teacher.

Emotional Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Teacher

Dear Sir/Madam, though every day is the best day to cherish my school days’ memories but today is the special day to cherish my all memories with you, I can never forget your last words that I had received from you at the time of school leaving. Those words are the best supportive pillars of my life. Thank you for being my guide a very happy birthday to you.

Now a days I am living in other country but my birthplace, my country, my teachers and their lessons are always along with me. You are the godfather of my life. I always bent my head in your respect. Happy birthday to my mentor.

Teaching is not an easy profession, I realised it now when I am self a teacher. How hard it was to teach me any lesson. Thank you Sir for all your punishments without that I could never be achieve anything in my life. Happy birthday Sir.

This world is round and life is too short, I hope I could get a chance to meet you to say thank you in front of you for all you love, care and support that you have given me as your student and always treated me like your own son. Meanwhile please accept my heartiest wishes today a very happy birthday to my role model.

Happy birthday Sir/Madam, though you are not along with us in this world but I am sure wherever you are staying in heaven must watch me and to check that everything should go well with me. I am missing you a lot. I wish you again get a chance to be a great teacher in your next birth on this earth. You are always in my heart.

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