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Dad Birthday Wishes in Heaven

Losing a father is very painful and the loss even makes it even harder in life when the dad is in heaven. Among that 365 days, there is one special day when you miss your dad badly, yes, it’s the birthday of the dad.

The pain of losing a father is unbearable but his birthday is the day on which we can offer extra prayers and wishes to commemorate the day. This is the day he will be looking upon us and let’s just not be sad and celebrate this day with extra love. Here we have shared a collection of messages, quotes for the fathers in heaven.

Birthday Wishes to the Forever Dad

Sending you so much of love and birthday wishes on your special day. You may not be here with us but you will be forever in our heart. Happy birthday to the best dad we have known!

You taught me life lessons but one equation which I love is DAD = FOREVER. Thank you for being with me every time and wishing you a very happy birthday!

Dad, your loss is unbearable to me. Wish I could exchange what it takes to bring you back and keep you forever. I would like to relive every moment and celebrate your birthday! Happy birthday dad.

It hurts while thinking you are not with us but I relive every moment every day. Wishing you the best happy birthday in heaven!

No matter how much I grow up and be successful but I will always remain your little champ dad. Happy birthday. Party like Rockstar in the heaven!

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Birthday Wishes to Dad in Heaven from Girl

Dad, your little girl misses you every day. When you were with us, we used to celebrate like festival and as you are in heaven, I am sending angels to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!

May this day give you tons of happiness and hope you are safe wherever you are in the heaven. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from your little girl.

Daddy, your angel is truly blessed to have you as a father. Even though you are no longer here with me, I take your guidance and life lessons at every moment. Happy birthday in heaven. Love you!

Papa, on the days like your birthday, I miss you even more. Sending you lots love in heaven. Happy birthday my superstar. Keep shining.

Father, you have always guided me in the right direction and I know you will be guiding kids like me up there. Thank you for everything. Have a happiest birthday ever. I miss you!

Birthday Quotes to Father in Heaven from Boy

I remember how you taught me to play, I remember how to taught me to drive, I remember your last words – stay happy and I remember you every moment. Wishing you happy birthday. I love you dad.

We always used to celebrate your and mine birthday at the best place in town, but this time you are celebrating at the best place. Hope you will rock the party in heaven – happy birthday to the world’s best dad.

Papa, my memories of life are only filled with the moments we lived together and will always stay with me forever. Happy birthday in heaven, my role model and my superhero.

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Daddy you have always lived your life like a king and you have taught me the same. Hope you are having a good kingship in heaven while you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to my king.

Dad, I am thankful to you for everything that you have given me and wish you be my father in my next birth. But in this birth, I am wishing a very happy birthday in heaven to my hero.

Birthday Message for the Best Father in Heaven

Happy birthday to the best dad ever. I want you to know that I will cherish the good times we had been together. I miss you every day, and hope you are enjoying your birthday. Ciao till I meet you in heaven.

To the best daddy, enjoy your every moment in the heaven as you celebrate your birthday with angels. I know you are up cracking jokes, smiling and watching me as well. Happy birthday dad in heaven.

Happy birthday to my dad in heaven who is funniest, silliest, and most loving father. You were the best thing ever happened to me.

Dad, you have been watching me when you were here and now you are watching me from the heaven. Thank you for being there always. I miss you so much and will always hold on to my best dad. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the best dad. Someday, I will see you again, hold your hand and walk the moment and talk of a lifetime.

Dad thank you for making me for who I am today and hope you will be a proud father too. Thank you for being with me always. Happy birthday to the best papa. Happy heavenly birthday to the best dad. How’s the party up there? Are you enjoying? Singing? Dancing? Hope you are doing all these but I want to hear me that I love you and miss you. Happy birthday again.

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