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Happy Birthday Emails and Templates

Happy Birthday Email

Birthday emails are creating an intimacy that receivers are very special for you that’s your not sending only messages but also sharing your memories and showing your gratitude towards them. Here are the unique and impressive birthday wishes emails and templates for your friends, siblings, and customers that you can copy and directly send to them. Or you can also do some amendments to your choices in these emails and templates and send them.

Birthday Email to Your Friend

My Dear [Friend Name],

On your special day only wishes are not enough to show my love for you, It’s an opportunity for me to share my lovely memories along with you, I remember when we were in school, I was badly injured can’t able to prepare for my crucial finals on that time you were there for me who sit beside me long night and prepared me for that extreme time.

Whatever I am today in that you have prepared a vital role in my successful career and I will always be grateful for you. Thank you my lovely friend and best buddy ever and last but not the least a very happy birthday and fortune years and years ahead.

With Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Birthday Email to Your Elder Brother and Sister

My Lovely Elder Brother/Sister,

I am missing you so much on your birthday, today you are miles far away from me. Happy birthday big brother/sister, I wish I can be celebrating your special day along with you. I remember when since our childhood not even a single birthday passed away when we were not together but today it happened, still I am happy because we are separate for very little time for a good cause.

I love you so much my brother/sister and today I also want to say thank you for everything you have done for me, you always helped me pull out me from all bad situations, you always taught me like a mentor. Happy birthday, brother/sister keep enjoying and don’t forget my piece on your birthday cake.

Your Naughtiest Younger Brother/Sister,
[Your Name]

Birthday Email to Your Younger Brother and Sister

My sweet Sister/Brother,

Happy birthday to my cutie, lovely, little sister/brother. Sorry, I couldn’t manage to be with you on your special day but my love care and blessings are always with you. Dear on your special day not only I am sending my wishes to you but also I am sharing so secret thoughts with you.

Sweetie/handsome you are so annoying when you are asking some stupid questions with others please stop this habit.

Secondly, be calm and comfortable in yourself when you are at new place or you are meeting with any stranger to take it as an opportunity to explore yourself. Rest you know I love you a lot.

Your Caring Sister/Brother,
[Your Name]

Birthday Email From Client to Customers

Dear Valuable Customer,

Like you, your special day is also important for us. We are sending you our heartiest and sincerest wishes on your birthday enjoy your day to the fullest and have the brightest year ahead. We are looking forward to our strong relationship and bonding for the next number of upcoming years. Happy birthday [customer name]

With Best Regards,
[Company/Enterprise Name]

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Dear [Customer Name],

Wishing you a very happy birthday and the number of happiest years ahead, we hope our relationship would grow years and years and long good to go, we are honored to have a wonderful customer like you. We respect your feelings and concerns and your all requests are our command and utmost priority for us. We hope that we can serve you our best services years and years ahead. Thank you to have faith in us.

With Best Wishes,
[Company/Enterprise Name]

Birthday Email to Your Boss

Respected [Boss Name],

Firstly, on your special day I wish you a very happy birthday boss!

We must say that being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. You are an absolute role model for managers, leads and executives and younger generation trainees and new joinees. We have witnessed the true fighter with all the traits especially while dealing with the clients or if it is handling the employees in the best and worst situation.

Not just that, your words and persona are truly an inspiration for all of us and it keeps us motivated, full on energy all the time making us want to achieve more and more of success. Our sincerest and heartily thanks to you.

Again we would like to end the message by sending our best wishes, lots of love for you boss. Happy birthday!


Birthday Email to Your Colleague / Coworker

Dear [Colleague]

Let me be just straight forward to you on your birthday. [Name] you are the star of this office. It’s not just with your looks but the way you have be consistent with your performance from the day you joined the office.

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To all those years and many more to come, wishing you a very happy birthday dear [NAME]. For me it has been a great ride so far and it is my pleasure to have you in our team and especially in the project. This is your day so just, have fun and enjoy the day.

Happy birthday dear [NAME].


Happy Birthday Message for Seniors or Superiors

Dear [NAME],

Birthdays are the special day when you can express and show how much you admire the seniors or superiors. Just to align with this sentence, here I am wishing you a very happy and blessed birthday ever.

Throughout the lifespan, you have demonstrated great character and virtues and that’s what we love about you! You were always there with us when we needed a guiding force to reach our goal. Many thanks for everything!

We hope you have a good time on this special day of yours. Have fun, celebrate like a never ending story and enjoy the day. Happy birthday dear.


Birthday Emails for Elders or an Older Person

Respected [Name],

Hope you are in good health.

Today, being your special day, I want to extend my gratitude towards you. You have been my mentor, the father and the driving light in my life. I am thankful for all your teachings and preaching and shaping me, my future.

You have evolved me from zero the heights and I won’t have made it big and came this far without you. Thank and wishing you a good health, happiness and best of everything in life. Happy birthday dearest [NAME].

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Thank you and lots of love.


Birthday Emails for Respected Person

Dear [NAME],

There had been many guest appearances of people in my life but out of those, I respect and admire you the most. I always had immense respect for you and I will always have, no matter where I am in the phase of life.

With you being there, I would love to be in your shoes and walk the life with your lessons. You are a person who is always positive, helpful and lovely for all of us.

Wishing a very happy birthday to a phenomenal person whom I respect the most. Happy birthday [NAME. Hope you have a great year ahead.


Birthday Email Template to Employees

Hi [NAME],

Happy Birthday!

Being a star performer of our company, [NAME], we want you to know how much we love your presence and appreciate the work you do. You always keep work ahead of you and this is the characteristic we highly love about you!

We hope you day is filled with lots of love and good things and wish the coming year makes you the double star performer and may you achieve greater heights in the life. As a token of appreciation, we have shared here the gift cars of your favourite spot.

Happy birthday [NAME] once again. Enjoy your day!


Birthday Email Template from HR to Employee

Dear [NAME],

Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday [NAME].

We remember your first joining day as [DATE] and since then you have become an invaluable asset to this company. On this special day we want you to know that we appreciate the work you do. You bring so much positivity to the workplace along with joy and kindness.

You have always been our most esteemed employee and we look forward having you at our company for a longer future. Though, we can’t show you our gratitude, we wish you a very happy birthday and hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Have a great day and year ahead.

All the best to you and once again, Happy birthday [NAME].