How’s the Josh to Send Birthday Wishes your Loved Ones

How’s the Josh

How’s the josh to wish those people on their birthday who are not in your touch but you care for them, who think you forgot them but actually you missing them. Be brave and have the audacity to wish those, with whom you are so scared and can’t uttered a single word in front of them have the josh on high level and wish them on their special day. Remove your fear and have the josh.

Here are the highly and full of josh birthday wishes, that you can pick and send.

  • Boss you looks like a dangerous don who always dominate on others, but actually you are soft from heart, wish you a very happy birthday on your special day.
  • Sir/Madame l always scared from you because I think you are an introvert person who don’t want to listen other, but I was wrong. You are a compassionate person sorry to miss understood you. Happy birthday dear Sir/Madame.
  • Uncle you are very silent person and never show your feelings, that’s why I always feel hesitate to talk with you. But today I want to wish you on your birthday. Happy birthday to my sweet and silent but not the violent uncle.
  • Brother you are elder from me, due to our wide age gap I always scared from you, but when today you are not along with me l feel alone, I love you and miss you so much.Happy birthday my lovely brother.
  • Dear you are so far away from me, but I do care for you and miss you a lot, I couldn’t get time to get in touch with you but you always in my heart and memories. Happy birthday sweetheart.

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