Quarantine Birthday Wishes Status for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

Quarantine Birthday Wishes

In the time of Lockdown and you are far away from your friends and family. It’s a time not to feel disheartened and stand with your loved one with love, care, and support. While receiving and sending birthday wishes during this social distancing and isolation period, it gives positive vibes to your loved ones and fills them with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Loving birthday wishes build hope between them that we shall overcome one day. Here we are presenting such kind of wishes that you pick and send to your friends and family’s via any social media platform or via personal email and messages.

Quarantine Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status

Due to the pandemic disease COVID-19, we are lockdown at our home but my heartiest wishes and blessings are always with you. Happy birthday, dear, I hope and pray to God to meet you soon and find you happy and healthy.

Sweetheart I am so sorry, because of the quarantine situation this year on the grand occasion of your birthday I can’t prepare your favorite cakes and dishes for you. But don’t feel bad we will come together soon and enjoy your birthday after every day is a special one when we are together. Happy birthday my loving pie.

Happy birthday dear, in this lockdown and isolation, let’s celebrate your birthday in an innovative way, why not you are playing your favorite musical beat on your favorite musical instrument it not only makes you happy but also motivates and entertain people around you.

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Happy birthday princess, since the last number of days when I could not get the chance to meet with you I realized the importance of your presence in my life. Hope this lockdown period releases soon and we can meet again and celebrate your birthday. Miss you very much dear.

Dear while you are under quarantine and isolated from us. We are sending you our blessings and wishes on your birthday. You are a true fighter and we have a strong faith in you that after some time you will be again with us and then we can through the party like earlier. Happy birthday to my bestie.

Dear grandpa, I know you are isolated from us and have to stay there till you are not getting well soon. Please accept my hugs and kisses for you with this proper social distancing. You are the great warrior against this pandemic disease coronavirus. I am so proud of you, Happy Birthday!

My loving son, in this lockdown, quarantine God is taking our exam to test our patience and calmness and giving us the power and strength to fight against this COVID-19 an unnatural disease. We have to stand strong together and face this situation. Happy birthday to my brave son, we will meet soon, love you and take so much good care of your family.

Happy birthday to my lovely wife, this year I could able to give you any gifts and surprises on your special day because I abide by my social service towards the nation. I promise I will celebrate your special day like never before once we conquer on this pandemic disease coronavirus and the lockdown will get over and no more social distancing is remaining between us.

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Dear isolation is nothing it just a state of our mind though we are not together physically but our emotions and sentiment always stay connected with each other. It just a matter of a few days, tough time for us but remember time can never be steady it always falls like water. Happy birthday sweetheart, I am always there with you with whole and soul.

Happy birthday to my loving husband, we are suffering from a critical time due to the pandemic disease coronavirus and hope it will come to an end one day. However, I don’t any regret that we are lockdown at home and can’t go outside on your special day in fact I am taking this opportunity in a positive way to spend quality time together. Let’s have a candlelight dinner together at home and make this moment memorable and cherish for a long time in our life.

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