Sorry Messages Not to Attend Birthday Celebration Due to Coronavirus

Sorry Messages Not to Attend Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration gives a fantastic feeling to the birthday person, he/she becomes filled with joy and happiness. In the full party mood and enthusiasm, they throw the party. All of sudden due to this pandemic disease Coronavirus you are not able to join that birthday party then you feel embarrassed. This post is written to handle such situations emotionally and delicately. Now don’t feel so bad if you missed the party pick and share a sorry message from the list to your loved one. Surely they forgive you. You can send these messages via personal email or text. you can post these through social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

Sorry Messages For Not to Attend Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday to my heart my son, you know during the current time your father is going through a tough time, doctors’ responsibility is not so easy in this pandemic situation. You’re a brave and mature boy. I hope you understand my situation and forgive me for not attending your birthday celebration this year. God bless you son.

A very happy and healthy birthday my dear sister, today the situation is the same whether it is border or inside the country, I am fighting here with our enemies. I wish you are fighting spirit there with pandemic disease Coronavirus. Sorry not to attend your birthday celebration this year due to COVID-19, hope next year we will get freedom from this disease and enjoy your birthday together.

You are my best buddy today, tomorrow and forever, sorry friend for not attending your small birthday celebration due to the Coronavirus, you are aware how quickly it is spreading from one body to another body, on your birthday I want to give you safety as a gift to keep myself away from you. Next year surely I will be the first to bring your birthday cake. Happy birthday to my true friend ever.

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To receive a birthday celebration invitation from you it’s an exciting opportunity for that I was waiting for so long, however in this COVID-19 situation it is good to stay at home and maintain social distance, sorry boss for not attending your birthday celebration party, please accept my sincere apology. God keeps you healthy and safe and have a great year ahead.

Brother since our childhood every year we celebrate your birthday with full of energy and enthusiasm. No matter where I am on your special day I am always with you, but this year’s situation is very critical though I am not so far away from you but due to Coronavirus we have to celebrate your birthday virtually. I apologize for not being with you.
We used to have a lot of fun on your birthday every year, eat good food, dance, roam and celebrate your birthday. But due to a Coronavirus this year, we could not meet on your birthday. Hope this Coronavirus is over soon, after that we will celebrate your birthday till then stay at home and let’s celebrate your birthday on video conference call. Happy birthday to my amazing friend.

My princess don’t feel alone and don’t be sad if I am not along with you on your birthday, wherever I am I always wish for your long, healthy, and safe life. Staying at home and spending time with the family is always being a great experience that we forgot in our very busy and running life. Take this pandemic disease circumstance positively and celebrate your birthday with your family members. We will celebrate it together on some other day. I am really sorry for not attending your birthday party.

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During this COVID-19 situation, I have to do my duty day and night in the hospital because of that I could able to manage time to attend your birthday celebration even though it was small get together. I apologies for not attending your it but my blessings and love are always with you. A very happy birthday to my lovely cute daughter my doll.

In this coronavirus COVID-19 fight, I need your support to help our nation and the people of the nation, I am dedicatedly focusing on my duty and responsibility to deliver all the necessary things to the needy person, this year on the occasion of your birthday I want a gift from your side to forgive me for not attending your birthday celebration. A very happy birthday to my beautiful wife.

Being a journalist it is my duty to serve every single minute update report of coronavirus to the people of the country, For this, I have to work very hard, sometimes not getting time to have dinner. Sorry sweetheart for not attending your birthday celebration this year, I promise next year we will go for a holiday on your birthday. A very happy birthday to you my love.