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Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

As we all know cousin brother is one of the closest relations in our lives. Cousin Brother/Male is the person with whom you are sharing your all joy and sorrows, your secret without any fear and always finding yourself in a comfortable zone when you are along with him. He always fights with you for the same toy in your childhood, he teases you on small things, he always doing the naughtiness with you and later on these all things become your sweet and cherish memories which you never want to vanish from your mind.

Cousin Brother is the best childhood friend in your life. He is always there with you in your all ups and downs, stand along with you no matter how you are and where you are. He is too much concern for you like your real brother and never feels your loneliness. Here we are presenting a unique collection of birthday wishes, quotes, status, meme, and messages for your cousin brother (Little, Younger, Elder). You can choose and send any of the message that best suited to your brother’s personality through any social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram or can send through the personal email and text messages.

Latest Birthday Wishes to Cousin Brother 2022

As you open a new chapter of your life, I pray to god that all your sorrows gets scattered and life gets filled with love and happiness. Happy Birthday dear cousin.

May the year 2022 brings happiness, fortune and good health. Wishing you [AGE]th birthday. Enjoy your day!

You are a special one in everyone’s life. I pray to lord for bestowing love, care and success upon you always. Many birthday wishes to my cousin brother.

Dear cousin, you are a special angel sent by god in our family. Wishing you all the dreams come true. Happy birthday!

To my beloved cousin brother, your birthday calls for a celebration. Every moment lived with you was special to me. Thank you and happy birthday dear.

Impressive Birthday Wishes to Cousin Brother Male

Brother I’ve never been afraid because I know you are always with me. Happy birthday cousin brother!

Dear brother, I have spent a very short of time period with you but whatever the span we have shared together is precious for me, you are very special and always close to my heart. Happy birthday cousin!

Dear brother you are stronger in both the way that a man could have – physically and mentally, you have good sense of humour and strength to the right decision at the right place on right time, I am very impressed from your personality. May God bless you with all his mercy and love, a very happiest birthday to you.

Old is gold this phrase is perfectly fits on you, though you become one more year older today but along with that one more year added in your experience that helps others in all the difficulties and gives the solution of so many problems. Have the happy, healthy and long birthday ahead.

Our mothers are different, but our souls are twins just like real brothers. Wish you a very happy birthday!

I am feeling so blessed to have a sweet cousin brother like you. Many-many happy returns of the day, wish you a very happy birthday cousin!

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Your birthday is not special for you only but it is also very precious for me too because so many years ago I got a loving brother today. Happy birthday bro and have a wonderful all days and nights forever.

On your special day, I wish God bless you with his blessings and always keep you away from all sorrows. Happy birthday my dear brother.

Happy birthday to the guy who can know everything about me. Have a great and fantastic year ahead!

The best things between us are our endless trust and faith in each other and love till eternity. Have a nice and excited birthday to my crazy cousin brother!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother Male

People says light is running faster than the sound but I know your imaginations are faster than the light your tremendous thinking and vocational skills impress anyone even though they didn’t get any benefit from that, what a great art you know brother. Happy birthday to my very charming brother!

Some people are looking very handsome and talented till they are not opening their mouth and speak something, I wonder you are coming in the list of those people. On your birthday I wish you may reduce unnecessary talks. Happy birthday to my very handsome cousin brother!

Dear brother I remember our school days, how much you were scared from maths and gave me the grievance to complete your math homework, how you have a successful engineer today. Hope you are doing your projects by yourself. Happy birthday to mt tarry scary cousin brother!

I remember the day when I had a prank on you in front of that girl to whom you like most. That incident will make you laugh ever and ever. Have a great birthday and enjoy the night to the fullest.

Our childhood funniest activities are still alive in my memories. Just recall those memories that will bring a smile on your face. Keep smiling. I hope, it’s the best birthday gift for you from myside. Happy birthday cousin!

Dear brother I realise your importance when you are not along with me, earlier when anybody messed with me, you gave them a tough fight and I saved myself, now nobody is my saviour from those evil birds. I missing you a lot. Happy birthday to my cousin brother!

Today is your day brother hence would like to remember about that beautiful lady for whom we both were crazy and sometimes fought also. Hope it will make you laughs and realizes that how naughty we were during our college days. Happy birthday to my sweetest brother.

Dear brother, I remember how much you are fond of smart phones, your life gets stuck if you don’t have your smart phone around you. I remember the day when you lost your phone and cried all day and night at last your parents buy a new smart phone for you on the spot. How kiddish you are, happy birthday to my cousin who is older from age but younger from heart.

In others party you are doing only dancing and eating, today is your birthday dear now its your turn to organise lots of food, drink and music for others. Be ready for the blast, happy birthday my dear cousin.

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Dear brother though your giggling smile and silly talks annoying the people still you are my best buddy because people who ignoring you in that way are knowing you from your outer appearance but I know the beauty of your heart and soul. Happy birthday to my best brother ever!

Inspirational and Motivational Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother WhatsApp Status

Your motivational words and creative thoughts are always encouraging me to achieve something exceptional in my life. Thanks for being with my brother. Have a great birthday!

Dear brother a best lesson that I have learnt from you that never ever suppress your feelings, expose them and express them is the best way to keep yourself cool and calm all the time. Thank you and many congratulations on your special day, a very happy birthday brother.

You have never bent your head in front of anyone and always put your thinking on the top, your moral is so high and you are the king of the ethics, I admire you, you are my adorable brother. Happy birthday cousin!

Dear brother from your busy schedule and lots of work pressure you always manage time for your friends and family, you never forget any special day of any family member and your wishes are always come first. I wish in future I can be as successful as you are with family values and responsibilities. Happy birthday brother, God bless you prosperity and happiness in your life.

I hope your all dreams come true have a brightest and shiny birthday brother!

Wish you the happiest birthday brother, I am very thankful to God to have you in my life. You are an inspiration for me. Life is all about the attitude that can decide the output of anything, if you are optimistic with strong will power you achieve half of your goal rest you can achieve from hard work and dedication, that is all I learnt from you while following you in our daily life. Happy birthday to my shiny star, my cousin brother!

Witty Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

I was searching for some witty birthday message for you but I end up with nothing because you are the best untold joke. Happy birthday to the funniest cousin. Jokes apart!

For a cousin brother who is just so funny and cool, wishing you the wittiest birthday ever. You are the best one of all the cousin. Happy birthday dear!

Hey you are not just cousin but the dearest brother to me. I just like to tell you that you are the most annoying brother I have so happy birthday to the happiest birthday!

Like a real life brother, you are not just a cousin but more than a cousin. My dear cousin, wishing you the best one of all. Happy birthday champ!

Hey dear cousin brother, anyone can tell that we are related based on our likes and dislikes but no one knows the deep bond we share. Happy birthday to my dearest.

Hey brother, we know which buttons to press and when to press so today on your special day, pressing the right button. Wishing you the wittiest birthday ever cousin.

Whenever you are around it is always crazy and fun with you acting more of joker and that makes you different and special. Happiest birthday to the cartoon cousin. Love you bud!

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Hey, I know your real age so don’t just misguide other by telling unreal age. Happy birthday to still the best cousin.

Some are just diamonds and some are just cartoon! Don’t get excited you come in the second category my lovely cousin and I still love you for that! Happy birthday dear!

Hey cuz, the best secret is yet to be revealed and that’s your age which I am going reveal tonight in your birthday. Till then happy birthday dear cousin! Have fun.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

My lovely cousin, may you get all the love and care with everyone around you. I wish all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to my one and only cousin brother.

The best treasure I have ever found is having you my dear cousin in my life. The very best of and beautiful birthday wishes to my dearest cousin.

It is not that I pray to the lord because of your birthday but I pray every day to the almighty for your good health and your wishes get fulfilled. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin.

May Jesus gives you all the strength to overcome the difficulties, swim through the rough waves of life. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother. Stay happy always!

May you always travel the road that you want to travel and achieve everything you want in life. Happy birthday my dear cousin brother. Stay focused, stay strong.

May we always remain friends more than cousin brothers and our relation grows with years to come. Happy birthday to brother cum friend.

Shimmering birthday wishes to you my dearest cousin. I wish you all the good adventures and memorable untraveled roads in your life. Happy birthday dear!

My dear cousin, the best part of you is being so humble and kind to everyone always. This is the trait not everyone possess. Thank you for being the same to me. Have a lovely birthday my dear cousin.

Short Funny Birthday Message for Cousin Brother Male

HBD cousin. May you give away all the birthday gifts to me.

Hey cousin, you deserve all the happiness in the world but I have share in your happiness too! HBD Cousin. Have fun!

Hey cousin, you are one hell of a fort build to stand for years where no one can enter without permission but I have the access to back door. Happy birthday cousin.

Cheers to the sweetest cousin ever. I promise to be on your side in good times but don’t knock my door in bad time. Happy birthday to the best cousin.

Dear cousin, sending you birthday cake. Please take a piece and keep the rest of the cake for me. HBD cousin.

Reminder! I am younger than you so you going to give the gifts I select to me. Happy birthday. Waiting your birthday to get over.

Happy B-Day to the best cousin, unleash all the craziness and madness today!

As you open a new account in your life, I wish happiness gets credited and sorrows get debited. Many happy returns of the day cousin.

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