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Birthday Wishes for Google

Birthday Wishes for Google

This post is dedicated to all the veteran’s personalities who have given their remarkable contribution to the welfare of the country and the society in which we are living. the bright future of the world. This post is to send your wishes to them who has dedicated and devoted their whole life for the goodness and wellness of the citizens. Here we are presenting a list of wishes that you can pick and send to those impeccable and adorable personalities.

Birthday Wishes for Google Doodle

Happy birthday to the true warrior who had given a happy and peaceful life to all the citizens of the country.

Happy birthday to the great soul and brilliant mind person who has taken over the heart of the billions. Your contribution is always being considered as a masterpiece from the history. Have a great birthday!

It’s a wonderful day to have your birthday today, may God bless you with all of his blessings. Your presence and participation are admirals in the world of science. Wish you a very happy and great birthday!

The entire world cannot be able to learn count after nine if you were not given the zero to this world. Happy birthday to the hardest and extremely talented mathematician of the world!

The music notes will never be converted into beautiful songs if you didn’t bind them into a heartfelt lyrics. Happy birthday to the mind-blowing musicians you have given as thousands of words to sing and listening to mesmerising songs.

Happy birthday to the most humble and kind-hearted lady, we salute your devotion and determination to help all the people who are orphan or physically disabled. Your truthfulness and kindness are the benchmarks for all the ladies who think we can’t do anything alone. Thank you to spread awareness and love in the world. Have a Happy endless birthday!

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Cricket is incomplete without your name. You are the godfather of cricket. Happy birthday to the lord of the game without you it would be the dream only. Now a day the is so popular and loves to play and watch almost all the countries. Thank you for having us this valuable game as a legacy.

Your contribution to saving wildlife which is having very least spices alive on the earth. Your revolution to save animals is a major change in the people mindset, now a days people are so careful and sensitive towards the animals. The world is thankful to you to spread this awareness. Wish you a very happy and joyful birthday.

Happy birthday to the king of the laughter. People can smile only on your presence. You were the very jolly personality who can able to make any crying person to laugh. Accept my heartiest wishes on your special day.

Happy birthday dear sir, you have eject the great revolution in the IT world, you have sent worldwide web in almost all the home in the world, no one can be untouched with this stigma. Have a fantastic birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Google Assistant

In the new hi-tech world now you can text messages to other by just instructing to Google Assistant, you just need say your feelings Google Assistant will listen and send that message to your loved one as a text or whatsapp messages. Here are some beautiful short messages that you can quickly send to your friends and family through Google Assistant.

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Happy birthday dear, enjoy your day and keep my cake share save. I will be there soon.

Happy birthday to my loving princess, God bless you a long and happy life.

Happy birthday my love, no matter how we fight together more than love each other but you always be my heart piece. Enjoy your day.

Sky is high and stars are twinkling, moon is smiling and cold waves are coming to you and singing Happy birthday to you. Wish you a very joyful day my best buddy ever. Happy birthday!

Dear somehow we lost the touch, but luckily on your special day I found you again. Happy birthday to my most loving friend.