Birthday Wishes for Kamina Friend

Birthday Wishes for Kamina Friend

In our life, we all have that Kamina dost at any stage whether in our school, college, university, educational institute, family or in society we live in. It is interesting to have such an exceptional character around us who is a bit devilish but at the same time funny and humorous. This post is for that kind of friend with whom you have met accidentally but later on, they became an interesting part of your life. Here is the special collection for those friends, you can select and send them through any social media platform or any other mode of communication/interaction like personal email and messages.

Kamina Friend Birthday Wishes for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

God must have celebrated on that day when he had created you with his own hands. Happy Birthday dear friend.

Kisi ne khub kaha hai – jo dost kamine nahi hote! Wo kamine dost nahi hote. LOL. Jokes apart – happy birthday my crazy friend.

It is odd and a fact that you my kamina friend is believed to be a gentleman by girls. Teri kaminiyat pe sab fida. Happy birthday kameene. 

Aye kamine dost – I am proud to have a friend like you. We fight with each other and for each other. Have a birthday filled with fun and lots of gifts on this special day.

No marks and no exams are that I remember. But I remember those celebrations and fun we had my kaminee friend in our college days. 

You are a kamina dost without a haseena in your life. But having you in our life is a feeling of joy because you make the atmosphere jolly with your jokes. We hereby today wish you the best ever birthday in the millennium.

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We met online, spend time offline because our line is sublime. Happy birthday to the most kamina friend in this world.

You are not my friend, you are my life and it is a shame in such life. Ha ha hoo ho hi hee. Kamine dost ja enjoy kar apni birthday but not without me ☺

Ek to yaar aisa mila jo kamina hai aur upar se single ready to mingle. Happy birthday mere dost.

Agree that I have very few friends. But whatever I have are kamine – atom bomb. Happy Birthday, Have a blast.

Happy birthday to most Kamina boy and my best friend since my college days. Though I hated your all pranks during those days, but today I got a smile on my face when I recalled all those memories. I hope you are the same prankster today as earlier.

To my Kamina friend, people love to hate you for your casanova character you are so popular in girls since our teenage, sometimes I got jealous with you because you have lots of girls friends while I don’t have a single one(even till now), apart from that you are the best buddy who can do anything for his friendship. Happy birthday and keep growing with your Kaminapanti, take care and have a Bacardi blast.

Happy birthday Kamine, you are really a very stingy person who always makes me fool and blackmail me to pay the entire bill of the party, and the funny thing is that I paid all the bills in your friendship. You are such a cunning person but still, I love you my best buddy ever.

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My handsome kamine friend, I love your bindaas nature, you don’t bother what other people say about you, and doing the things that you like. Whether it is the matter to steal the coke from the college canteen or ran away from the hotel without payment. I hope you still an adventurous loving man. Happy birthday, keep continue you adventures and keep sharing all those stories with me.

In our hostel life, birthday’s are incomplete without your special performance, you were the full drama king and what the acting skills you had, we all were convinced of your acting. On the occasion of your special day, I can’t act like you but sent you my heartiest wishes to keep your Kamina character ever. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Kamine, since our childhood you were never interested to do studies, God blessed you at every stage of your life to cross all the study level at the bottom line. I never believe that you can achieve that much height in your career. On your special day, I pray to God to give you some seriousness in life.

Dear buddy, my life is incomplete without your chapter. We had done so much fun together, to torcher the studious guys from the backbench of the school, bunked lectures in the college, tease teachers, proxy attendance and many more. What are the days it was? You are my best Kamina friend ever who made me learned how to enjoy life. Happy birthday and God bless you.

Lots of friends came into my life, I couldn’t found anyone better than you. Though your words were the sour syrup but true and straight forward without any masking. Your pranks always annoyed me but never hurt me. Happy birthday to Kamina and a caring friend.

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