Birthday Wishes for Kamini Friend

Birthday Wishes for Kamini Friend

We all have a female friend who is a bit like a devil from outward by nature but like a cute, innocent child at heart. She may be your best friend/bestie whom you love the most. Wishing such Kamini friend on her birthday is fun altogether. We have hereby shared top inspirational birthday quotes/messages that are trendy and funky.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Kamini Friend

Dear Kamini – you are the sweetest person who says bad things on my face but when someone else says foul words about me you are the first one to take them down. Love you bestie. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the angel from heaven who is a bit devilish outside. Words cannot express how much I love you and wish our bond of friendship remains forever.

Happy birthday to the most gorgeous lady in the college – the Kamini gang queen. You are kinda girl who lives on her own rules and boss of her own. Stay cool in your own swag. Love ya.

You are my partner of crime lady don. There are so many memories to cherish and I cannot stop feeling the joy we had in our school days. I miss you so much on your special birthday. Hugs and showering love from my heart to my BBF – Happy Birthday

My life was like a road reaching nowhere – without a destination until you arrived in my life and it all changed the way I saw the world. It was a 360-degree turnaround – like I was born again. Thanks to the love, care and time you had spent with me in my bad days. Love you from the bottom of my heart my dearest girl – Happy Birthday. I wish your every dream come true. 

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Impressive Birthday Wishes for Kamini Friend

Oh God fills my Bestie’s life full of joy and happiness because her heart is deep as an ocean full of love. If she asks for a start my Lord, I wish from my heart she is blessed with the galaxy of the universe. Happy birthday to my dearest darling. 

I wish you blossom like the rose forever, spread freshness like the lily and fragrance like the lavender. You are that morning flower from heaven my lovely friend that never withers and spread the love with just your smile. Hope you have the best birthday – beautiful girl.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Kamini Friend

I came across many women friends – some girls were on an ego trip, someone lived with attitude but you are my Kamini friend different from all – unique  & bindaas. Happy birthday to the most devilish friend of mine. Hope you be the way you are – because we love you that way.

They say besties are Kamini. I would love to add an adjective to it – maha Kamini!!! LOL. But you are like a coconut – hard outside, sweet inside. Happy birthday to the dearest lady on the earth. Love you naughty girl. 

Wo BBF hi kay jo Kamini na ho ;). Gol Gol Gooli, Meri best Moti. Ha Ha it so fun has you as a friend. I wish you have the happiest birthday with lots of cakes and blessings.

Jab 10 Kamini mari hongi to tab tu mere pyari Kamini dost aayi hogi. Happy birthday. Welcome you from heaven to hell.

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There is 100s delicious food on the earth and still, you want to eat my mind – dimaag ka dahi kar deti hai school mein kamini. Happy birthday love you dear bestie.

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