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Birthday Wishes for School Friends

Birthday Wishes for School Friends

To remember those persons of your life who made your school time full of fun and adventure and gave you lifetime memories to recall any time and make you laugh. Let’s refresh those memories by sending warm birthday wishes to your school friends on their birthday and give them a wonderful surprise. Here is a list of messages, status, and quotes that you can send to you school besties via any social media platform or can send them through personal email and messages.

Emotional Birthday Wishes to School Friends

My school life could never be so adventurous if I couldn’t meet with you during school days, we are the naughtiest students in our school. But I love all those naughty things that we had done together. Wish you a very happy birthday dear.

All the relations are made by God in heaven, friendship is the only relationship that we have made on earth with our choice. I am very happy to choose you as my friend in the early stages of my life. Happy birthday to my bestie since school time.

There is no word to describe friendship better, it is unconditional love and affection for others. Thank you dear for all your love in all good and bad days. Have a happiest and fantastic birthday.

There are very few friends in everyone’s life who inspire us deeply in my life that is you who provoked me to focus on studies and to build a career during our school time. I always thankful to you for that, because of you I have achieved all the success in my life. Happy birthday to my mentor my friend.

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I was very dumb in school and unable to grasp the things easily in the class at that time, every day you spent some time on me and helped me to understand the lessons. Thank you dear for all your sincerity and support to grow me up. Happy birthday my true friend.

Funny Birthday Wishes to School Friends

Dear friend, I remember our school days how you have taken all my punishment from teachers for all those things that we had done together. I really enjoyed all those days fully we can’t get that time back but a wonderful memory is always with us. Happy birthday to my school partner.

I remember in school days how I made you fool emotional and give you all my homework, and you my loving friend completed my work easily, you are such a cute and innocent friend of mine. Happy birthday dear, God bless you till eternity.

Buncking classes in school and played games in-ground, put chewing gum on other students’ desks, stolen lunch boxes from bags, tease teachers from the backbench and after doing all the activities we got punished by teachers. Those all moments are funny yet memorable for me. Thank you to make my life enjoyed, Happy birthday to my best friend.

In our school life, you have never secured more than 50% percent marks in class and you had always jealous for me for that because I secured 1st position in every class. I knew it very well in school still you all be my best buddy ever. Happy birthday dear.

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Though we met in the last days of schooling in very little time we became a good friend, not because of studies but because you were as naughty like me and I like your companionship to do pranks on other students. Thank you for helping me in those days. Happy birthday to the prank master of our school.