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Lovers Birthday Status, Wishes & Messages to Post via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

Birthday Wishes for Lovers

Lover – it is that relationship in your life that you never forget. The person whom you love is your whole world. Not all the luck to get a perfect lover (Him or Her). Every moment spent with your lover is like heaven. It’s one day that you wait for every year to express your love in a romantic way – and it’s your lover’s birthday.  Feeling automatic comes from your heart, but sometimes you do not get the words you like to express those feelings. We know how eager to share your words hidden in your heart with your beloved. Hence, here we have shared some heart touching birthday messages for your lover.

Emotional and Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Lovers

Sweetheart you are the queen of my heart. Baby my day begins with you as my first thought and my first dream at night. I could not imaging my life without you. I wish you get all the happiness in the world and let’s celebrate your birthday in a special way. Love you 

Janu today our relationship has completed one year. It was last birthday when I proposed to you and I was lucky to be accepted. My heart is full of emotion and I do not know which of them I would express. But I have written this poem dedicated to you – embed my feelings for you. Hope you love it. Happy Birthday darling.

Loving you was my destiny and will be the way of my life whatever the circumstances. We might not be together tomorrow – so let me take this moment to express my love on your birthday.  Darling, I pray God every dream and wish of yours come true. Happy Birthday

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Baby, you are the Angle who is the guarding of my little heart which will faint the day you will not be in life. Being with you is Heaven and its hell-like feeling being without you.

My dearest darling – You are the love of my Life. Happy Birthday

Falling for you was like the first sight of love and the crush for you have not yet ended. Happy birthday to the most charming person of my life. 

Loving you is like living a romantic life in a movie. You are my hero/heroine. Happy birthday, baby.

You are the one who brings a smile to my face in the darkest hour of my life. Thank you for being a part of this love journey. Happy Birthday darling.

I congratulate you on your birthday sweetheart. I wish to love to prosper and grow. Happy Birthday.

Warmest wish from the depth of my heart to the love of my life. Happy birthday darling.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lovers

My love, you are my all day all night prayer, I can’t expect my life without you. My heart is only beat for you. Happy birthday to my love…my life…

My small and boring life becomes so beautiful when you came into my life. Every moment is full of joy and happiness. Thank you for being a part of my life. Happy birthday sweetheart.

Your crazy and funny activities make me laugh, I was a shy person and felt insecure to interact with others in society, but you make me open-minded and jolly and fun-loving person. Now my life has become full of entertainment. Happy birthday cutie pie.

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Love is a very special feeling that can be difficult to explain in words, I am always feeling happy and full of life since you have come into my life. Be there for me forever. Happy birthday to piece of my heart.

I again remind you myself on your special day, I wish you a happiest and prosperous year ahead. May God fulfill all your dreams and gives you new heights in your career. Happy birthday my heartbeat.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Lovers

Sweetie your rubbish and stupid questions make me laugh, I always wonder how kiddish you are but these are the things that make you different from others and I love you for this. Happy birthday to my innocent love.

Dear like your frizzy hairs you are always getting stuck in small problems, darling it is a part of life it can never be the same all the time so stop become worried and enjoy every moment of life. Happy birthday my teddy bear.

Honey, like you are breaking the nose of others don’t become crumbled in a difficult situation, it is not the solution at all for any problem. Let’s face it, I am always there for you.. with you. Happy birthday dear all the very best wishes for entire life.

People say that the practices make the man perfect. But you are the man who never tried to do any continuous practice but still, I love you the most. Happy birthday lazy man.

Happy birthday to my food drum, I always surprised why you are not getting fatty after eating so much. I scared when we are going for lunch and dinner that it might impact on your health but see you always fit and fine. Happy birthday to my foodie panda.