Birthday Status, Wishes for Best Friend on Facebook & WhatsApp

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Friends are the blessing of God, among all friends, there is one special friend to whom we are calling my best friend. A best friend is one with whom we share all our goods and bad, achievements and failures. One who always is being with us in all our inclination. Best Friend in one to whom we can trust blindly have true faith and can easily rely on him or her. While wishing your best friend it’s a natural feeling that outcome from our soul, thoughtful wish is a special way to acknowledge someone, how much you appreciate and love him or her.

Short & Long Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes & SMS for Forever Friends (Male & Female)

Happy birthday dear friend…may god bless you…

Happy birthday to my best buddy the one who always stay with me in joys and sorrows…

Dear friend…I wish you achieve new heights, and glories in this year and upcoming year…

Among the huge count of friends you are my best buddy, the best thing in you is your innocence that makes you different and special from others, happy birthday to my sweet lovely friend.

Words are not enough to explain my feelings, I genuinely admire you a lot not because you are my friend, but a person with an honest and pure heart. A person like you is rare. Happy Birthday dear…

Oh, it’s your birthday today, happy birthday cutie, I know you don’t like parties so let’s celebrate together with some snacks and beverages at home.

Every now and then I always found you along with me, you are the only one to whom I can blindly trust, I know you will never betray me. Happy birthday sweetie.

Happy birthday to my chiggy wiggy friend, why you are so cute and sweet just like a fluffy teddy bear, whenever I am along with you, I feel so much peace and happiness in my heart. Thank you for being my best friend.

Birthday Wishes for Female Friend
Birthday Wishes for Female Friend

You are charming, compassionate, intelligent and humble. The best part is that you are my best friend. Happy Birthday and Enjoy this special day…

Some people are blessed with a soul-deep friendship. Thank you for being my soul friend. I wish you a very happy birthday…

I am glad to have a friend like you, who always be with me in my all ups and downs. Happy birthday…have a wonderful day…

Birthday Wishes for Male Friend
Birthday Wishes for Male Friend

You are truly an inspiration for everyone’s life, your all achievements are the reward of your hard work.  May this year filled with loads of fun, excitement and cheerful memories, Happy Birthday to my best friend!

May God bless you a wonderful life ahead and many more glories in life, Celebrate your birthday fullest…Have a nice birthday my friend.

Happy birthday to most eligible and handsome bachelor in the world around us… have a special day ahead of my friend.

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Hot Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Wish you the sweetest day of your life this birthday, filled with joy, laughter, happiness, peace, and a lot of hope, and to continue many more years…happy birthday my friend…

Don’t worry what happened in past, what will happen in future, I wish that you always stay positive in your present, happy birthday friend!

With every increasing candle on your cake make a new wish, blow the candle and I pray your wish come true! Happy birthday to best friend!

Hot Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Hot Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend


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  1. Friends are my life, I want to see them happy as always. as they celebrate my birthday in a very interesting way with amazing lines to impress me. I saw something amazing here, you can also use them if you like they all are classy.

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