Birthday Wishes Reply to Son

Birthday Wishes Reply to Son

Send birthday reply messages to your son after receiving loving wishes from him on your birthday. Make him feel that you are so proud and grateful to have a great son like him in your life. Here is the list of some lovely and unique thank you messages list that you can pick and send to your loving son right away from the social media platform or via personal email or messages.

Thank You Birthday Wishes Messages for Your Son to Post via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

Dear son my no other wish is remaining after getting you in my life. Your pure and loving wishes for me on my birthday are the bonus gift for me thank you, my little prince.

Oh my God, I am amazed while receiving your heartiest wishes on my birthday, being so busy in my work I totally forgot that today is my birthday. Thank you so much dear you made my day.

Dear son, now you are young and matured enough to take decisions in your life while seeing you too busy in your life I never expect that you remember my birthday, but I am so glad that you prove me wrong while sending your feeling in a wrapper of huge greeting card. I love you a lot.

It’s so fortunate that we both are sharing our birthday on the same day. That’s why in rare chance it is possible that we both forget the special day of each other. Thank you to my blessed son for sending me your very precious wishes. God bless you.

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Thank you for your loving wishes to my super cool son. Because of you, I have learned how to live life with joy and happiness before you came in my life it was so boring you made it meaningful. I love you so much, you are most valuable for me.

The relationship between son and dad is very different that can’t express in words, we might not talk so much together but the strong bond between our hearts is unbreakable we both can very much understand each other without saying anything. Thank you my heartbeat my son for your generous wishes. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

It’s obvious that birthdays are incomplete without wishes, but for me, my birthday is always incomplete without your presence. Thank you dear to give me the best gift of my life that is your presence on my special day, anyhow you manage it just only to make me happy. I am so proud to be your father.

Dear son I received your email on my special day, I am so touched and full of emotions after reading your email, you are thousands of miles far away from me still you are having so much care for me. I can only send you my blessings from here. Come soon I am eagerly waiting to hug you. Love you take good care of yourself.

Every parent celebrates their son’s birthday but I am the luckiest father in the world whose birthday is celebrated by his son. Thank you for the grand celebration and huge blasting party, this is my best birthday ever.

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My loving son, I never be so serious in my life. But after getting you in my life every day I have tried to be a good and responsible father for you. At this stage of my life, I feel I succeed in my pledge while seeing you as a young and talented guy. I am so proud to be your father thank you so much to give me this honor.

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