Letter to My Son on His Birthday

Letter to My Son on His Birthday
Letter to My Son on His Birthday

My Loving Son,

Today is your birthday, it is very special for me more than you because today is the day when you came into my life. Today is the day when first time I took you in my lap.

That was the most wonderful moment when you opened your tiny beautiful eyes and saw this wonderful world surprisingly. I can’t express my feelings at that moment it is always fresh in my memories like it happened today.

I remember when you are toddler and started crawling the first day, my eyes were filled with tear of happiness, I remember when you started to walk with holder my fingers, I remember your first day in school on that time I was so nervous and sit at the school gate whole day, you hug me tightly when you came out from the school. You gave me the honor to be the mother of a brilliant student in the school.

I was again so worried when you went for college but at that time you were young and matured enough to take your own decisions. Today you are a successful man in your career and profession, your life is too busy but I am so glad that you never forget your parents.

Today, through this letter I am not sending you my love and blessings but also sharing the precious memories of my entire life. I am so lucky to have a son like you in my life.

God gives you strength, health, and wealth in your life to achieve everything you want from your life. Wish you very happy and joyful birthday to my prince my son. I always love you dear.

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With all blessings,
Your Mother

Your Father