Birthday Wishes Status During Coronavirus

Birthday Wishes During Coronavirus

Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes During Coronavirus to Post Via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Stay safe and healthy at home during this world crisis where we are fighting with the pandemic disease. Happy and safe birthday dear.

I pray to God to give you patience and courage to fight with COVID-19 virus. Happy birthday stays at home and keeps away from the virus.

I know being quarantined at home is not easy for you but it is only the best way to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus, we can enjoy your special day on some other day if we stay safe today. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

My dear grandma, this year I can’t be with you on your special day due to this pandemic disease spread all over the world, we all know it is so harmful especially for all the old age people. I pray to God to keep you safe in this critical situation.

Happy birthday to my lovely wife stay safe at home and pray to God for our country. I know I am on my duty for the welfare of my country and completing my pledge which I have been taken with my degree. Surely, we will celebrate your birthday once we will recover from this pandemic disease. Love you and take care.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, I am so proud of myself to have you as my friend in my life. You are God and hope for our country today. I salute you for all your hard work and dedication during this difficult time for the country.

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During this tuff time of social distancing I am far away from you physically but always there with you mentally, on your birthday dear let’s pray together that God gives us the courage to live in this time with isolation. Happy birthday my loving friend.

Hi dear, have the happiest birthday don’t bother and disheartening if you can’t a special day in a public gathering. In this critical and crucial time. It is best to stay safe at home and stay away from the social gathering.

My lovely sister, I know you are in a dangerous situation and staying in the country where people are fighting with pandemic disease #coronavirus, I wish you all the best and pray to God we will meet soon. Happy birthday and take good care of yourself.

During this #coronaera, it is a drastic downfall all over the work, on your special day I wish you to keep calm and healthy. Happy birthday to my dearest and the nearest buddy of mine. Take good care of yourself.

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